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Appreciating the #littlemoments

This past week has been Half Term for us. It’s our last Half Term break before the end of the school year. We now have 7 weeks until our 7 week Summer holiday and I can’t wait! We had such a lovely week this past week. It was just Ella and Sammy and me during the days and we only had something scheduled on one day in the week. The rest of the week was spent having slow mornings, playing in the garden, visiting Nanny & Grandad and having fun together. I managed to squeeze in some work and other jobs around the house, including getting ready for Ella’s Birthday Party which was yesterday. It wasn’t all fun and games, nor was it entirely sunshine and roses. But altogether, we really have a lovely time off from school and other commitments.


I found myself really focusing on appreciating the little moments this holiday. I tried something new on Wednesday and found it simply delightful. We had one of Ella’s classmates with us on Wednesday afternoon. Ella and her friend had a practice session for their upcoming Ballet Exam. After their practice session, we popped to McDonald’s and then spent the afternoon at our house. Later in the afternoon, we ambled down to our village park and while I sat happily on a bench nearby, the girls and Sam played and entertained themselves.



I discovered, by just silently sitting and observing, that the game of choice is “Sisters”. I have heard Ella mention this many times when she tells me about who she plays with at school. “Sisters” is pretty much just a massive role playing game where both/all participants play different (generally) female roles who are often sisters. The most definitely have American accents (thank you Disney) and there always seems to be some sort of peril or a crew of “baddies” whom they are fighting against. Sam took up the role of “pet” while Ella and her friend were the sisters in control. The play structure became a ship and somehow they also had quicksand as well as the internet on board!



There was sword play, horse riding, charging about from one obstacle to the next and, when two other school acquaintances turned up later, another “family” who were just incorporated into the play. It was astonishing! And totally heart-warming. I sat, off to the side enough to blend into the background for the children but close enough to fully take in everything they were saying and doing. I just smiled, watched and listened. Have you ever done this? Sat and watched and listened while your children play? Or while other couples chat? Or just people watch and observe their quirks and mannerisms? It’s fascinating…you MUST do this soon.



I found myself absorbing this afternoon and wanting to package it up into a tiny box to save for a rainy day. I was doing my best to appreciate the #littlemoments and I plan to do a lot more of this. I challenge you to do the same. I am really working on being more mindful, appreciating the #littlemoments, soaking in the emotion and feelings because I just don’t want to waste a thing! Time goes by so terribly fast and I need to be more grateful for these precious moments. So what about you? Will you try to appreciate the #littlemoments this week? If you do, I would love you to share it with me through social media (Instagram: @karinjoyce, #littlemoments, #embracehappy) or in a blog post. What #littlemoments will you find this week? Don’t let them pass you by.



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  1. We went away for half term and we all savoured spending some time with good friends. It brought back lots of memories and how some things never change šŸ™‚

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