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The other day, a friend shared a link to a wonderful video from the goddess of all things Happy, Zen and Empowering, Oprah Winfrey. The video was super short but quite interesting as well. Oprah was interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. Gilbert talked about how one of the ways to be more grateful in life and to appreciate the small things is to find your Happiest Moment of each day. Gilbert started doing this and kept track, for 30 days, of her Happiest Moment and found herself more at peace, more appreciative and more focused.

For those of you who have followed me on my own Embrace Happy journey, you know that the catalyst that kicked my adventure off was to find #3goodthings about each day at the end of every day. I have been doing this, without fail, since the beginning of January 2014. It is well and truly a habit and I honestly believe that it has been a real salvation for me. I am calmer, able to deal with stress better and find I can look on the brighter side of life MOST of the time. Mind you, being awake from 4:50am and now sitting at my laptop at 6:00am because I am stressed and can’t sleep wasn’t entirely in my plan for today! However, we will roll with it, smile and wave!

So last week, I started keeping track, in addition to my usual #3goodthings, of what my Happiest Moment was for each day. Sometimes the Happiest Moment was one of my #3goodthings. More often, it wasn’t. It is quite clear, however, that my Happiest Moments pretty much always involve or are focused on my family. I’ll share some of these moments with you and would like to challenge you to do the same this week. Each day, probably towards the end of your day, look back over all of the things you did throughout your day. Was there ONE moment which really stood out for you? You can find it! Think back about what occurred during the day and find that moment where your heart was really happy! WRITE IT DOWN! Put it in a journal or notebook or share it through your social media channels. Save it all for a rainy day when your spirit is low and you could use a boost. What a great inspiration that should be for you! Go on, try it. Are you up for the Happiest Moment challenge?

Happiest Moment

One of my Happiest Moments on Friday was sharing a lovely (and gluten free) brekkie in a “Happy Cafe” with a friend. We chatted a LOT, enjoyed a filling brekkie and sipped tea like ladies! The perfect start to what was a busy, busy day for me.

Happiest Moment2

On Thursday Ella’s school had an Open House where we could go into our children’s class, spend time with them and have a nice look at the things they had been working on. I was so proud to learn that Ella had received a special award from her teacher for being a Star Writer that day. It would appear that Ella is taking after her Mummy in regards to writing.

Happiest Moment3

My Happiest Moment on Wednesday was fixing an easy dinner for the kids and serving it up in the lounge on trays (upping the FUN FACTOR!) which then allowed Mark and me to have a lovely dinner to ourselves later, after the kids were in bed. Sometimes it’s quite preferable to have dinner ALONE again!

Happiest Moment4

On Tuesday, our Happiest Moments came because we had NO WHERE to rush off to after school. I have purposefully decreased some of Ella’s activities to allow us more down time. Ella still badgers me with “What are we doing after school Mummy??” but she is learning the art of SLOW very gradually. Ella and Sam played in the garden, laughed and had fun together which is just lovely to watch and listen to.

Happiest Moment5


Despite there being an impending Prosecco shortage, my friends and I managed to polish off FOUR bottles of the bubbly happiness on Friday evening! My Happiest Moment came, not through the bubbles, but from the opportunity to sit at a table with 5 other lovely friends and chat, gossip and laugh together. It was the perfect end to a rather delightful week.

So there we have it! A few of my Happiest Moments from last week. Simple, family-focused and happiness boosting. Join me? #embracehappy

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