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Embrace Happy at BritMums Live

Earlier this year, in one of my “Make It Happen” moments, I pitched an idea to BritMums for a fun Embrace Happy session at BritMums Live this Summer. There are so many wonderful blogging sessions that go on at the UK’s largest parent & lifestyle blogging conference that I wanted to offer something that was “off the beaten path”. Something for bloggers to find their inner happiness and motivation. I suggested to BritMums that a combined effort with the glorious Pippa from Story of Mum would be a fantastic pairing and what do you know…they went with it!


I am really looking forward to the Embrace Happy session at BritMums Live on Saturday June 20 from 2:15-3:00pm as well as the opportunity to learn a bit, laugh a lot and get some long-overdue hugs as well. Most of you know how I came to Embrace Happy and focus on the good in my life. It’s made such a huge difference to me and I feel that I am a better Mum, Wife and Me as a result. My main goal to is help others to find that good and celebrate it. Our motto is..

Not every day is good but there is good in every day! 

I’m also really pleased to announce that my sponsor for BritMums Live is docrafts! Not only will they be supplying me with fabulous crafty bits for the inspirational makes for the Embrace Happy session but I will continue working with them throughout the rest of this year to bring you some fun Happy Mail and crafty projects which you will be able to share with friends and loved ones to spread happiness. What fun! I can’t wait to get making! I’ve got a special project coming up on Monday 15 June for Smile Power Day which will bring a lovely dash of happiness to someone special to me! You can do the same as well…watch this space for more information.

Happy Heart

One of the makes Pippa and I will be sharing during our Embrace Happy session at BritMums Live is the Happy Heart craft. I’m rather pleased with my Happy Heart make in the image above! Story of Mum is inviting fans to join in on their Wednesday (10/6/15) evening Twitter Make session (#somum) when they will be making Happy Hearts! Some of the things I listed include: Making others happy, the laughter of my children, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, tea in bed, waking up on a Saturday morning and realising it’s Saturday morning! What would you include in your list of things that make you happy? I may have to make more!


I do hope to see you at BritMums Live next weekend but in case the 400+ bloggers and PRs and brands and sessions get a bit overwhelming, I am planning to secure a corner of one of the outdoor Courtyard seating areas at The Brewery at BritMums Live for informal Embrace Happy meet-ups! Join me on Friday from 4:00-4:45pm and Saturday from 10:15-11:00am. We’ll hug, chat, maybe even make an #embracehappy message for you to share!


Disclosure: docrafts has agreed to sponsor my accomodation and travel costs for BritMums Live. In return, I will be working with them throughout the remainder of this year to promote crafting happiness. I have not been compensated in any other way nor am I receiving payment for my work. 

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  1. Karin, I’m so impressed with everything you have achieved and I know you will be such an inspiration at Britmums. I can’t wait to see you there and hope we get a few quiet moments together to sit down and catch up a little xxx

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