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Just a little bit of me…June, 2015


Can you believe that we are actually half way through this year? My phrase of the year was “Make it Happen” and thankfully, I have made it happen in a variety of ways. I was raring to go into 2015 with my then job with the now defunct Wauwaa. Things were going well with Embrace Happy, the kids were happy with Mummy’s new working arrangement, Mark was happy in his job and my in-laws were happy helping us out once a week with the children.

And then, at the end of January, my job disappeared in a poof of smoke and I was left without pay for an entire month of work which dramatically affected our finances and my confidence. I was asked to present Embrace Happy at BlogOn Cymru and BritMums Live but I lost a lot of the momentum I had gained at the end of 2014. Blogging in general became a chore rather than a pleasure and I found myself questioning a lot of things and evaluating whether to continue blogging and attempting to work in social media altogether.

But then, through the kindness of acquaintances, I had new work in May and a renewed energy for making it happen. My session at BlogOn Cymru was well-received and Embrace Happy felt better and happier. While our life has picked back up a lot of frustration remains. Frustration over lack of money to do things and complete projects at home remains. For the first time in a very long time I am missing family in the US and wishing terribly that we could be de-camping to Wisconsin for the 7-week Summer holiday which is fast approaching. Oh how I envy American expats who live here and manage to afford to return to their home states in the US for 4+ weeks every Summer!

But ultimately, life is good! Embrace Happy has helped me to see that, appreciate that and be grateful for that. A life without challenges or obstacles would be boring, right? I have settled back into a comfortable routine, working again part-time for a wonderful company called SwimFin as well as working a few freelance projects. Ella is nearing the end of Year 2 in school and I have seen her blossom and grow under the gentle guidance of her lovely teacher and teaching assistants. Sammy has found a lovely group of friends at preschool, is now a big boy who no longer needs nappies and can’t wait for Grandad’s pool to warm up enough to go swimming again. Mark remains challenged in his work but is getting back into a cycling routine which is helping him to manage his stress. While we can’t afford to do much of anything, we love each other, support each other and quite enjoy spending time together. Life is good.

As we move into the second half of the year, I am re-evaluating my “Make it Happen” goal and thinking about what the rest of the year will bring. I will work hard to share more through my small collective of Embrace Happy readers, supporters and group members. I will learn more technical skills which will make me of even more value and use in my new job. I will make our looming 7-week Summer Holiday one to savour and celebrate without putting pressure on anyone. I will remember to take time away from the buzz of social media to soak up the joy of my family and not worry about sharing it with the entire world every moment. I will document our adventures for us to look back on as days go by. I will slow down more, breathe more and watch clouds more.

What will you do for the rest of 2015? I’d love you to share your thoughts and goals with me. Thank you for allowing me to share just a little bit of me.

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  1. Karin, although I read this posting when you first posted it, I was wrapped up in my own struggles at the time. Know that you are an inspiration to so very many people and although I hate knowing that you are struggling and missing your homeland, please know that what you in #embracehappy makes such a difference to so very many people. Keep on keeping on.

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