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Cherry Good Fun!

Last week, Sammy and I joined our lovely friends Sabina and her boys for a final “Besties Day Out” for this School Year. We piled into Sabina’s car, programmed the sat nav and hit the road for Q Gardens in Oxfordshire (not Kew Gardens mind you!). After a few minor altercations from the boys, we arrived and were ready to be impressed by Cherry Good who were putting on a lovely event for National Cherry Day (I know, who knew?).

Sabina and I were both massively impressed with the event as a whole as it’s quite challenging to cater to blogger’s children when putting on a product event and the PR definitely got it right this time. Keeping the children happy keeps the Mummies happy and while the children played on the simple garden toys at Q Gardens, we bloggers had a chance to mingle and learn more about Cherry Good. We had been sent lovely hampers with Cherry Good juice (and for me, gluten-free English muffins and berry jam) and were ready for cherry picking.

Did you know where you can find Cherry Good in the Supermarket? IN THE AMBIENT AISLE of your nearest large Supermarket (Tesco, Asda, etc). Back away from the chilled section…they’re down the AMBIENT AISLE. I learned a new term there! You also might want to view this page about National Cherry Day…Sammy and I are right there on that page! How cool! I have to say that I really loved the Cherry Good Original juice. It’s similar to cranberry juice but is smoother and more flavourful. I wasn’t as keen about the Cherry Good Light but that’s because I am not a big fan of sweeteners. However, mixed with a bit of cloudy lemonade, it made a rather lovely grown-up “mocktail”.

Sammy and I had a fabulous time picking cherries with the other bloggers and families. The best cherries were, of course, rather high up but Sam managed to pick quite a few and really enjoyed it. He even tried the cherries and was a big fan! The cherry juice, not so much but that’s okay. It’s more of a grown-up taste perhaps?

Again, we had such a lovely day, fabulous food and tasty juice during our day at Q Gardens with Cherry Good. I was nearly licking the bowl clean after devouring the Cherry Sorbet made from Cherry Good Juice at the end of the event. I’d definitely be making that if I had an ice cream machine! I’m planning on adding a bit of Cherry Good juice to my next glass of Prosecco for a lovely sweet treat! What would you make with cherries or Cherry Good juice? I’m sad to report that the 2 punnets of cherries we brought home from the event never made it into any recipes as we simply ate them whole (and spat the stones out delicately into tissues!). They were delicious!

Thank you to Cherry Good for the lovely event and fabulous introduction to a juice that will definitely be added to my shopping list (AMBIENT AISLE)! You also have a new fan of cherries in Sam!

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