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Ella & Sam #CelebrateBetter with Footy Fun!

The Summer holidays are in full swing now and we’re not sitting by and watching it trickle away. Last week we got out and DID each day at some point and even braved a rather rainy Friday armed with rain gear, umbrellas and wellies and puddle jumped to our hearts content. I’m trying to steer Ella and Sam toward activities that keep us physically active and thankfully, their young bodies are more than happy to cooperate. Mine, not so much, but that’s another blog post entirely!

We were challenged by McDonald’s to #CelebrateBetter and get active by playing football. We worked on our best GOAL celebrations in preparation and came up with a few rather perfect displays, I think. Sam is quite understated in his celebratory antics but Ella more than makes up for his casual play! We don’t do a lot of play with the footballs in our family but we had a great deal of fun setting up a goal line in the back garden to work on our dribbling skills as well as the all important Goal Line boogie! We are not working on our dives, however…we play clean in our family!



I’d say they’re ready for the FA? Mind you, we know next to nothing about Football but they will make up for it in enthusiasm, right? The #CelebrateBetter campaign is all about fun and activity. This summer #CelebrateBetter is giving you the chance to win a player escort place at UEFA EURO 2016™. Your child could walk out alongside their international footballing heroes at next Summer’s big tournament and to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is share their best celebration!

Using the hashtag #CelebrateBetter, they are looking for the best goal celebrations from up and down the country. It could be in your local 5-, 7-, 9- or 11-a-side game, a weekly match with friends or just a kick about in the garden, just like us! How do you celebrate your goals?



Are you ready to #CelebrateBetter? I popped over to McDonald’s Better Play page and learned a great deal about their grassroots football programme. What a great effort to bring football to each and every corner of the UK! Do your little ones play football? We’re going to keep practising in our garden. Besides perfecting our celebration antics we’re keeping our fitness level up and having fun together as a family. You never know when that World Cup Goal Celebration might come in handy!

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