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Embrace Happy Challenge Day 1: Paper

Last month I started a photo-a-day challenge on Embrace Happy. I chose a theme word for each day of the month to prompt anyone who was interested to look at the world in a different way; with a bit of a different focus. There are a plethora of Photo-a-Day prompts out there, the greatest being Fat Mum Slim’s PAD challenge. She is the Queen of Inspiration with her PAD prompts and participants. She even created her app, Little Moments, in order for participants to play along more easily. Now that’s popular!

I’m no where near that cool but I thought I would put together an Embrace Happy Challenge to see if friends and followers could find a HAPPY way to look at the world. A few people joined in and while we will never have a massive following, I like the idea of putting a bit of a spark out there for people to see. Maybe you might like to join in with us? Maybe you have a fun way of interpreting the daily theme? I’d love for you to join me!

Today’s theme (pinch, punch, first of the month) is: PAPER! I have a fascination with all things paper, particularly STATIONERY! My problem is, I love collecting paper things, notebooks, journals, accessories…but then, I rarely follow through on using them. I have a stack of notebooks sitting in the cubby next to my workspace. Each of them was started with intention. And then, ultimately, it was abandoned. I like to think that I am a planner kind of person; a writer, a doodler. But I think I am best at those things in my MIND and not in reality! I do manage to keep an up-t0-date notebook for my work but keeping my thoughts, hopes, dreams and plans regularly noted…nope…I’m a planner fail, big time! It is in my head, thankfully, however. And I rarely forget the things I plan or places I have to be. It’s my mind workout, I am telling myself.

So, despite the stack of notebooks, the assortment of postcards and paper, the stickers and embellishments, I started a fun little paper project which will have pride of place in our soon-to-be-built Summer House/Happiness Haven. I’ve made 2 (so far) paper flowers. I used a stack of tissue paper, watched a YouTube tutorial (more than a few times…gosh I am rubbish at watching tutorials) and made two lovely paper flowers which are currently occupying my workspace and twirling in the breeze. I was rather proud of my efforts and plan to produce at least 3 more to hang from the ceiling in the new Happiness Haven. Have you ever made paper flowers? They would be fantastic to decorate a little girl’s room or to perk up your own personal space. Have a look!



Fun, eh? I thought so too. I picked up a big pack of tissue paper from our local Poundland store which would easily make 2 large paper flowers or 4 smaller ones. It was quite therapeutic sitting there folding, cutting, fluffing and stringing. I confess, I did show everyone in my family, expecting “Oohs and Aahs” but they weren’t quite as impressed. That, of course, is no reflection on how awesome my paper flowers are. Or so I tell myself.

If you would like to join in this September with the Embrace Happy Challenge prompts, have a look at the list below and see what moves you. You don’t have to do every day or ANY day for that matter. Maybe the prompt is more of a writing prompt for you as opposed to a photo prompt? Whatever spurs your imagination…go with it! Join in, in whatever capacity you choose. You can follow me on Social Media, share your own photos/words by tagging with #embracehappy or share in our closed Facebook Group or Facebook Fan page. Go, on, you know you want to! In the meantime, Happy September!


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