Embrace Happy Challenge Day 2: Rock

Day Two of the Embrace Happy Challenge and our theme today is ROCK! The overall list is a lot of opposites but I had a bit of fun with the first three days by choosing Paper, Rock and Scissors. See what I did there?

I play this game with my Husband whenever there’s a job that neither of us want to do and the amount of times I have actually won the challenge is ridiculously low. But I do try. However, I digress. Today’s theme is rock and I chose a different way of interpreting it. Ready??


Today I was ROCK-ing my Yoga mat! I got up a bit late but got up nonetheless, before everyone in the family. Before settling down to a morning of social media work I completed Day 4 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene. It was a great practice today as the focus was on your back. I spent a lot of time ROCK-ing on all fours, relaxing in Child’s Pose and having a lovely stretch which was most welcome after yesterday’s balance poses which may or may not have gone very well.

This is quite the achievement for me, sticking with a programme that is good for me. While I am struggling with Wi-Fi issues during my sessions, I am loving the discipline of getting up in a quiet house and doing something for me that is actually good for me! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session as well. I may be converted!

Did you want to join us in the Embrace Happy Challenge? Then find a “rock” related picture and share it on Social media! Simple! And to get you ahead for tomorrow, our next theme is SCISSORS! Rock on! #embracehappy

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Karin Joyce is a 40-something wife & mother who is helping to spread happiness one smile at a time. Karin is also a blogger and social media addict whom you may also know as Cafe Bebe. American by birth, UK permanent resident by marriage, Karin loves The Mentalist (specifically Simon Baker), her smartphone and lie-ins on Saturday mornings.

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