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Embrace Happy Challenge Day 2: Rock

Day Two of the Embrace Happy Challenge and our theme today is ROCK! The overall list is a lot of opposites but I had a bit of fun with the first three days by choosing Paper, Rock and Scissors. See what I did there?

I play this game with my Husband whenever there’s a job that neither of us want to do and the amount of times I have actually won the challenge is ridiculously low. But I do try. However, I digress. Today’s theme is rock and I chose a different way of interpreting it. Ready??


Today I was ROCK-ing my Yoga mat! I got up a bit late but got up nonetheless, before everyone in the family. Before settling down to a morning of social media work I completed Day 4 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene. It was a great practice today as the focus was on your back. I spent a lot of time ROCK-ing on all fours, relaxing in Child’s Pose and having a lovely stretch which was most welcome after yesterday’s balance poses which may or may not have gone very well.

This is quite the achievement for me, sticking with a programme that is good for me. While I am struggling with Wi-Fi issues during my sessions, I am loving the discipline of getting up in a quiet house and doing something for me that is actually good for me! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session as well. I may be converted!

Did you want to join us in the Embrace Happy Challenge? Then find a “rock” related picture and share it on Social media! Simple! And to get you ahead for tomorrow, our next theme is SCISSORS! Rock on! #embracehappy

Share your thoughts! Embrace Happy!

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