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Innocent #FiveADay campaign

Two weeks ago, Ella and Sam and I trundled down to London to have a simply marvelous day, thanks to innocent Drinks. I’ve never taken the children to London on my own so this was a real adventure! And not a pushchair in sight! Both Ella and Sam were so well behaved and such troopers as we negotiated train, tube, bus and rain! The only thing that went wrong was the rain but even that was more than bearable! Lucky us!


Our journey to innocent Fruit Towers went fairly smoothly and both Ella and Sam were thrilled to sit on the TOP front seat of the double decker London bus in the last leg of our journey. Who knew buses could be so exciting??



innocent Fruit Towers, on Ladbroke Grove in London is a dream workplace. We attended a blogger event at the old Fruit Towers in 2010 when Ella was about 2 years old and every single blogger there wanted to be hired by innocent. This new Fruit Towers is exactly the same. With carpeting of astroturf, fully furnished kitchens stocked with innocent drinks and bright, exciting colours in the work spaces, how could you not enjoy working there? I spent a while talking to their head of PR as I so admire their social media channels. It’s not very often that a brand gets their outreach right but innocent definitely does!

When we finally arrived in the main atrium at innocent Fruit Towers, we were invited to join in with some fabulous games for the children, all of which had a fruit and veg theme. Ella and Sam busied themselves making fruit and veg faces, painting with fruit and veg, doing “Bounce Says” (Simon Says), throwing balls at a Coconut Shy and making their own fruit and veg combinations for bespoke smoothies! It was fantastic. I will attribute Sam’s eating of some pepper later in the afternoon to his experience at innocent Fruit Towers!

Of course, all of us are particularly alert on the subject of sugar in our foods these days. innocent never adds sugar to their products but obviously the fruit and veg used in the various drinks contains sugar. innocent also would never suggest that you replace a good and nutritional diet with one of their drinks. However, in our busy lives, being able to rely on a drink to get in one or two of your #FiveADay is helpful, especially if you have fussy eaters. innocent shared some great information with us which I would love to share with you:

Things you might like to know about our new fruit & veg smoothies for kids

  • They are a naturally delicious way to get a portion of fruit and veg into your little ones
  • Each smoothie contains one of their 5-a-day
  • With a wide variety of ingredients such as beetroot, carrots, apples and pumpkin, they’re a great way to enjoy lots of different fruits and veg
  • Crammed full of 100% pure crushed fruit and veg
  • We’re the only kids fruit & veg smoothies on the market and available from all good supermarkets
  • Perfect for lunchboxes


o   Pineapples, apples and carrots – crisp, fruity and utterly yum

A kids smoothie that not only tastes brilliant but is also packed with themouth-watering zing of pineapples blended with tasty apples, pumpkins and carrots

o   Strawberries, apples and beetroot – delightfully delicious and perfect for tiny taste buds

This velvety smooth blend will have you dreaming of picnics and playing in the park. A seriously scrumptious combination of strawberries, apples and a dash of beetroot


Filling your family with the good stuff

  • An encouraging 93% of 1-3 year olds consume the right amount of fruits and veggies each day
  • But, unfortunately, studies show that only 10% of 11-18 year olds meet the 5-a-day fruit and veg recommendation
  • Girls are less likely to get their 5-a-day – just 7% of girls compared to 10% of boys
  • Between the ages of 1-4, fruit juices and smoothies are a useful source of vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron. Innocent kid’s smoothies also count as one of your child’s 5-a day

Now, innocent, being the AMAZING company that they are, are running competitions where you can win innocent Fruit & Veg smoothies for your child’s school class! There are some fabulous bloggers who are running these competitions on their blogs so I will send you to them with a hearty GOOD LUCK! Wouldn’t you be the BEST class Mum if you ended up winning?!

So our day at innocent Fruit Towers was amazing and our time together as “just us three” in London was really heartwarming. I love spending time with Ella and Sam and for now, they still love spending time with each other!

Now make sure you’re following innocent on social media! They never fail to make me smile!

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