January 2016

January 10, 2016

Our day turned out a bit differently than I had thought it would in my head. Of course, my head can be a very muddled and dangerous place to be but that’s beside the point! Mark had told me that he wanted to go over to his new work premises to get some clearing out and cleaning done in preparation for office furniture arriving on Monday or Tuesday. Our original plans involved Mark going to the new premises, me staying home with the children and then all of us visiting Nanny and Grandad later in the afternoon. Ella, upon hearing of Mark’s plans, immediately wanted to help too. And suddenly we were all scurrying to get ready to work together to get Mark’s new office spic and span. It seems only right, really, that we all have a hand in what will be a great thing for our family.

The new work premises is simply a port-a-cabin on a work yard owned by Mark’s uncle. We’re quite fortunate to have an opportunity to rent this space as the initial HQ for Mark’s business which means he can get up and running faster which makes the business future far brighter. Today we were able to pitch in to move old furniture and bits and bobs from the port-a-cabin to a garage on the yard. Even Sammy was able to move a few things! And I know both Ella and Sam felt very proud to be able to help in their own unique ways. Part of helping involved riding their scooters around the yard, clambouring all over a long hauling trailer and “chopping” up wood to try to start a fire (they were soaked and cold at this point…how industrious of them!). Once the office was clear, Mark and I set to cleaning down the walls and floor to prepare for the furniture transformation next week.

We spent about 4 hours at the works today! Thank goodness for the sunshine and not too frigid temperatures which meant that Ella and Sam got plenty of fresh air and actually had a far better time than we could have predicted. We did manage to pop over to Nanny & Grandad’s for an hour or so to catch up on the week’s events and have a much needed cup of tea. When we arrived home at 5:30pm, I set straight to making a “breakfast” dinner, quizzing Ella on her spellings for tomorrow and mentally preparing for next week. Early bath and not-as-early-as-planned bedtime ensued and now Mark and I are sitting at separate laptops doing a bit of work. What a start to our year! I hope your weekend was as productive and filled with family togetherness. What will your week ahead hold??


Helping Daddy at his new business premises! #embracehappy 💜

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The crew needs a work break of course. #embracehappy 💜

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4 thoughts on “January 10, 2016”

  1. We haven’t spoken for so long but I’m pleased to here Mark has found a new enterprise and I wish you all the very best. Must pencil in a hangout at some point!

  2. This is so good. What’s his new business going to be? Starting out is a mixture of excitement and flying by the seat of your pants, so I’m sending all good wishes your way for it, whatever it is :))

    1. Thank you Liz! Mark is opening his own Generator Servicing business. It’s what he’s been doing for the last 13 years but now he’s going to do it for himself! We’re quite excited about the adventure!
      Karin xx

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