January 2016

January 11, 2016

Two days off from Yoga Camp with Adriene and boy did I need today’s session! The lifting and moving from yesterday’s work in Mark’s new office left my back stiff and sore. Oddly, Adriene obviously knew about this as today’s session was about streching and relaxing. Perfecto. After I finished, I saw the sad news about David Bowie who is coincidentally a mere month older than my Dad. My era of David Bowie was the MTV era of the 80’s- Let’s Dance, China Girl, Dancing in the Street. It was a sad day to live in England today as everyone seemed to feel his loss. Most of the radio stations were paying tribute by playing his music and social media was awash with memories and tears. I saw someone post something about how sad it is that we don’t celebrate people as much when they are alive. I found myself agreeing.

The start of a new week and I decided to embrace LAGOM (just enough) by not only making pancakes for breakfast but getting my Leek & Potato soup on the hob for a nourishing lunch for Mark and myself. I’m kicking off this week with an ACTUAL meal plan, written on the kitchen white board. This way, Ella knows what’s coming each day (and doesn’t have to badger me about “What’s for dinner??”), I know what I am making each day and when I need to prep for it and I can stick to a better “budget” because I know what I have in the house. I know sensible people have been meal planning for yonks but this is all new to me. Today went well…I may just keep it up!

Today was a Mummy-Sammy Day so we enjoyed time playing in the lounge after dropping Ella at school and then tackled the weekly shop together. Sam can talk the hind leg off a donkey when he wants to. It’s rather adorable to listen to his chatter, his rationale and his understanding of the world. He keeps asking both Mark and me how many birthdays he will have. We reassure him by saying “Oh, you’ll have loads and loads! Probably at least another 90 birthdays!” which pleases him greatly because he then talks about all of the toys he will get to play with for each of these birthdays. One track mind at the age of 4!

After school, Ella had 2 Dance lessons so I took advantage of the 90 minutes to enjoy a bit of time to myself. Do you ever do that? Steal time when you could be doing something else and just indulge in a bit of chat or a bit of selfish screen time? I did today and it was lovely. We returned home at 6:30 to my Bolognese on the boil so I popped the pasta in and created our Bolognese Bake and we had a peaceful dinner. The week is off to a good start! How about you?


School Run Fun. HAPPY MONDAY! #embracehappy 💜

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Sammy paired up Dinosaur Mummies and Babies on his own this morning. The T-Rex Family! 💜 #embracehappy

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