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January 13, 2016

Have you ever found that your “get up and go, got up and went”? I felt that way this morning. I had to drag myself out of bed for Adriene’s Yoga Camp and while I partially began Day 10, both children suddenly appeared in the dimly lit lounge and the smallest of the 2 insisted upon sharing my Yoga mat and installing himself between my legs during my Cobbler’s post. Thus, I followed Adriene’s instructions and “found what feels good” by stretching along to her voice, spending time in Extended Child’s Post and enjoying a bit of mindfulness in Reclining Mountain Pose. Nothing wrong with that, I thought. At least I stretched and got out of bed!

The school run x 2 was relatively stress free albeit COLD for the first time this Winter. There was even a bit of frost on the ground which is quite the novelty for middle England in January. Meanwhile, my home state in the US is still many degrees below zero Farenheit so we don’t really have much to complain about do we? Life is good. Work at home was busy, busy, busy today but I got to enjoy a nice meal-planned lunch of jacket potatoes with tuna (and a bit of leftover pot roast from last night) with the Hubby between jobs.

Meal planning tonight left us with a roast chicken dinner which became slightly modified to include rice as a side dish instead of potatoes. Rebel Rebel. I still have a David Bowie ear-worm sort of thing going on…anyone else? Today was a bit dull, all in all, but I can’t be disappointed with dull. I am very much looking forward to my bed tonight. I don’t want to let Adriene down again tomorrow. Because I am sure she knows.

I asked my friends/family on Facebook today, what would they do if they had won the £33 million jackpot in this past weekend’s UK National Lottery and whether they would go public with it. Most replied that they would NOT go public if they didn’t have to (but most thought it would probably get revealed anyway) and that they would keep some and give away most. Here’s what I would do…

I would set aside enough funds to live comfortably for the next 40 or so years without having to work (perhaps £50-60,000 “salary” per year). I would pay off our current mortgage and ALL of our debt. I would then buy the “castle” in our village which has been for sale for about 18 months (£1.75 million) and pay CASH to do so. I would seed Mark’s new business with a lovely pot of money so he could continue to work but hire out most of what he needed. I would give each family member a chunk of money to do what they wanted. I would establish trust funds for both of our children to set them up to live comfortably for the rest of their lives if they so chose. I would hire a private jet to fly us to and from the US once a year and fly my respective parents from the US to UK once a year for the forseeable future. I would give chunks of money to my favourite charities and pay for my children’s schools to have the best of everything. And then I would go on a bit of a holiday with my family, regardless of whether it was in Term Time or not. Life is too short to worry about Term Time Only holidays.

What would you spend £33 million on??


School Run Fun! It’s Wednesday!! #embracehappy 💜

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Cars in the bath. Is there any other way? #embracehappy 💜

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