January 15, 2016

Last school year, when Ella was in Year 2, I had the pleasure of working with Ella’s class on an Embrace Happy Club. I went into their class for about 6 weeks in the Summer term. I usually went in on Friday afternoons and we focused on learning how to Embrace Happy, to be a good friend, to help celebrate the good in every day and how to help in their community and school. It was a wonderful opportunity not only to work with Ella’s classmates but to help them to be stronger and happier and to realise that they control their own happiness. Ella’s class teacher and teaching assistants were so supportive and helpful and basically let me run the entire thing! We rounded out the 6 weeks by putting on a whole-school assembly (and invited the Year 2 parents) where we acted out a marvelous story written by a friend of mine. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

And now here we are in a new school year. Ella’s school has a wonderful new Headmaster so I thought I would take the opportunity to meet him and present him with the idea of Embrace Happy, potentially for the entire school. He was really interested in the programme and has given me the green light to put together a 5 week programme which will probably be rolled out after the February Half Term and focus on the Year 2 and Year 3 classes. We’re also going to look at a few school projects that I am quite excited about. So, Embrace Happy will ride again! I wonder if I could put this baby on wheels and go National with it!?!

Today was a properly cold day but there was also beautiful sunshine to soften the blow. Ella and Sammy had good days at their respective schools and I think I may have gotten to the bottom of Ella’s challenges in her class. We used after school time to chill out and then enjoyed shutting down work at a reasonable time so Daddy and Ella could play on our “new to us” mini-snooker table. I pretty much shoved Ella, Sam and Mark out the door to get takeaway pizza and a few groceries so I could have about 45 minutes to myself. We had a carpet picnic and watched “Planes” which none of us had seen before. And now we are ready for the weekend! We’ve got several house & #LiveLAGOM projects to do this weekend (I say “we”, I mean “Mark”) and I’ve got some work to do to prepare for the week ahead. The 2nd full week of 2016 is nearly over…it’s been a long one too!


School Run Fun on a FRIDAY! #embracehappy 💜

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School Run #embracehappy

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Happy Friday everyone!! 😘 #embracehappy

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