January 2016

January 16, 2016

Today began with a lovely breakfast in bed and rather jovial hour where Ella and Sam played together and Mark and I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed and a bit of conversation about some of the challenges Ella is experiencing at school. As time ticked on, we needed to get ready to take Ella to dance. Suddenly the happy mood that Ella was in became one of sadness and dread. Surely she wasn’t dreading going to her beloved Dance lessons? And then it came tumbling out…the dread was not so much about the Dance as it was about the vague possibility that her hanging-by-a-thread 2nd front tooth might fall out while she was dancing. What would she do? Of course we reassured Ella but then she got a bit of attitude with us and suddenly the docile, pleasant girl that we know and adore was replaced with a slightly stroppy, cheeky Little Miss. We laughed a bit but also told her to watch her attitude. And that was that.

Or so we thought. As I exited the bathroom, having finished my bath, I glanced downstairs to see several bags of Ella’s sitting in a pile. Mark was in the process of asking her what was going on and I questioned, “You’re not running away are you??” Well. That was exactly what she was doing. She was worried that she had been naughty and cheeky with us and felt that we would be better off without her. Oh. My. Goodness. Cue tears (Ella’s), cuddles (Mark’s) and lots of patting (mine). And a lot of reassurance that her tooth would be fine, she would be fine and we loved her far too much to ever be without her for any reason. Bless her wonky, wobbly tooth and wonky, wobbly spirit.

Dance was fine, no teeth fell out and Ella was feeling happy to be reunited with her brother and they were happily watching a DVD and having lunch when…

Ella came rushing into the kitchen, where I was having my lunch, with her tooth in one hand and a bloody tissue in the other hand. Her smile was HUGE. She had actually pulled out her own tooth! Apparently where once the front of the tooth had been barely attached to the gum, it had come loose. Ella’s tooth was finally REALLY hanging by a thread and she managed to grab that little tooth and release it from it’s final tether. That damn tooth finally being dislodged suddenly flipped the switch of Happiness back on in my daughter. She was FREE! Now she didn’t need to worry about eating differently or accidentally dislodging and potentially swallowing her front tooth. Our girl is back to normal! Who knew that a bloomin’ tooth could cause so much distress?!

The mid-afternoon was spent riding bikes on the BMX track in the village next to us. Well, Ella and Sam were riding bikes while Mark was busy dusting them off and I was busy typing blog posts in the warmth of our lounge. Tonight we’re snuggling in with homemade chicken noodle soup, sandwiches and rubbish Saturday telly. I love a Saturday well spent!


FINALLY!!! She’s Toothless! 💜 #embracehappy

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Future BMX Super 🌟 Star #embracehappy

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