January 2016

January 18, 2016

The start of a new week! Happily, I listened to my alarm this morning and got up to do Yoga Camp with the lovely Adriene. But I am struggling. Not so much with the getting up but with my body. I have a pair of decrepit knees which we now know are both bone on bone. How, at the age of 45, I have managed to devour all of the cartilage and cushion in my knees, I will never know. It’s so boggling that the Orthopaedic Consultant I am now seeing referred me for testing for Rheumatoid Arthritis. As I have another auto-immune disease, Coeliac Disease, it’s not uncommon for others to spring forth. However, all of the testing indicates no presence of Rheumatoid Arthritis which I am grateful for. But it still doesn’t tell us why my knees are destroyed. The only option for me at this “young” age is 2 full knee replacements. Bleurgh. But what will be will be. First on the horizon, at some point between now and the end of March (so says my NHS pathway) is arthroscopic exploratory surgery on both knees so my Orthopaedic Consultant can “see what’s going on in there”. Wheeee! If it gets to the bottom of my problem or expedites full-knee-replacement surgery number 1, then bring it on.

As it is, I am hobbled 100% of the time. Some days it’s worse. I walk around like an 80-year-0ld woman, especially after I have been sitting down for any length of time. It’s a bit silly really. But that’s the way it is. I am okay with most of the Yoga but simple things like sitting cross-legged or even a forward fold in a Sun Salutation can cause real pain. I make modifications but now am wondering if I wouldn’t be better off just creating my own Yoga-based routine with stretches and simple movements? I’m going to work towards that while sampling bits and pieces from my friend Adriene. I still like having her talk to me.

Ella was mostly gleeful this morning. I think she was quite excited to show off her “no tooth” grin. A weight had been lifted which was most appreciated by Mark and me! I did speak to her teacher about the other issue we’ve talked about at home and her teacher was very receptive and pro-active. Here’s hoping that the next few weeks are a bit brighter and less filled with tummy aches! Sammy enjoyed a chilled out day at home with me and we had a great after school pick up together when we went to get Ella. I’m loving the chatterbox Sam is turning into. Now if we could only get him to keep that up in preschool!

Mark’s parents stopped over tonight and thankfully I had picked up enough chicken to make a dinner they could stay for. It’s always nice to have guests! The kids were happily showing off and I think it makes a big difference to my inlaw’s moods when they are surrounded by their grandchildren. Tomorrow will involve a busy work day for me as Sam heads back to preschool and I juggle my work commitments! I love the fact that I can work from home at a job that I love. I am so grateful that I found a way to make my hobby pay me!


School Run Fun! Monday, we’re ready for you! #embracehappy 💜

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Not every day is good but there is good in every day 💜 #MyReboot #embracehappy

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