January 2016

January 2, 2016

I’ve had the book “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo for months now. Maybe even a year or so. I do this. I buy a book, eagerly delve into the first chapter or so. Then I find my attention wavering and end up on social media scrolling through friend’s status updates and checking out the latest trending topic. My attention span sucks.

However, with the incentive of being a good Embrace Happy Group leader ( Have you joined our glorious Embrace Happy (closed) Facebook group yet? You really should you know!) I have chosen to have a monthly book club! This month, the book is…yes, you guessed it…”The Life-changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo. The challenge with this book is that you suddenly feel so desperate to tidy and wade deep into the waters of the KonMari Method that you end up reading the first few chapters and throwing all of your clothes onto your bed in a mighty heap to organise your life. Well, that’s what I did anyway.

Today, having read the first several chapters of Marie Kondo’s book and also being an IKEA LiveLAGOM ambassador (I will share a bit more about this another day), I suddenly felt the uncontrollable desire to organise and tidy. So, tidy I did. As I was sitting at the kitchen table, Sammy went in search of a plastic spoon for his morning yoghurt, I surveyed the horror that was our kitchen junk drawer. You know the one…the drawer where you throw infinite numbers of plastic and metal utensils, measuring spoons, magnets, bag clips, meat thermometers, corkscrews that have become obsolete…that one. I took everything out of the drawer, placed items either in a recycling bag or a rubbish bag. The drawer was emptied. It was glorious. I cleaned the drawer, used a few lid-less plastic containers as hold-alls and replaced a far smaller collection of measuring spoons, IKEA plastic cutlery, bag clips, cookie cutters and chopsticks. Boom. Done. Order restored.

I was on a roll. I next turned my attention to the refrigerator. I have been embarrassed about the state of our fridge. The top shelf…you know the one, the shelf that’s a bit too high to reach easily so you just continue to push new items on which relegates older jars and bottles further and further back…was cringe worthy. I took every single bottle, jar and container out, emptied each one, rinsed them out and put them in recycling. There were a lot of bottles, jars and containers. Phew. Feeling empowered, I carried on with the remaining shelves and spaces in the fridge. Boom! Cleaned, sorted, organised. And virtually empty. A supermarket shop, with my sensible hat on, is required.

And then, the mother of all challenges was calling me. My wardrobe. My wardrobe is filled with too many things I no longer wear and I was hanging onto many of them out of an odd sense of obligation. The big question Marie Kondo asks you to ask yourself when tidying in this way is, “Does it bring me joy?” Well, not many things in my wardrobe brought me joy I tell you! You? T-shirt from 1993? Nope, no more joy! You? Scarf that you haven’t worn since 2005? Nope, no joy! You? Shoes that still kind of hurt when you wear them 3 years later? Nope, definitely no joy! Boom! Gone! 6 black rubbish bin liners filled with clothes, jumpers, shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, maternity swimsuits, coats, dresses, shoes and more. Each bag I tied with a triumphant “Ah-ha!” And each one of those 6 black rubbish bin liners went into a lovely and now probably filled to bursting charity bin stationed at one of our local supermarkets. Now I feel joy!

And while I was tidying and organising, my amazing children played together happily. Joyfully even! Ella and Sam have had so much fun together over this Christmas holiday. They will miss each other on Tuesday when we return to school. Ella managed to snaffle a pair of long forgotten knee-high, brown leather boots that my feet no longer wish to be tortured with. She asked me if she could wear them when she turns 16 or 17. I said yes. She then told me that she wishes she was in college now because she could wear whatever she wanted. I told her that if we moved to America right now, she could wear whatever she wanted. She looked intrigued.

Today was a very good Mummy day. I started the day with Yoga with Adriene, organised the bejesus out of our kitchen and my wardrobe and later, enjoyed a lovely family evening with my inlaws. And Mark? Well, he made a deposit on a fairly big purchase that I will share more about next week. What a start we’re off to! Tomorrow we’re heading down to London and the O2 Arena to watch Disney on Ice. Much merriment will ensue. My biggest hope is that Ella doesn’t ask to do skating lessons after watching! But whatever may come, life is good.




6 thoughts on “January 2, 2016”

  1. It’s definitely Life – changing. I did all our clothes together, allowing the kids to get of stuff they hated.Now I have less clothes to iron. The wearing of out of season clothes that were storage has had my mind blown as they are my happiest clothes.I started on books but had to leave them as I no room to store them before taking them to the charity shop.It’ll have to be done daily as I don’t drive.As for my kitchen I did that yesterday and it took all day and I was really strict too.I’m not part of the embrace happy group but I can recommend buying this book as I haven’t woken up feeling dread of being in our home.Once the girl’s are back at school on Tuesday I’ll sorting craft and office stuff in my room then it’s toys and craft stuff in the girl’s room.

    1. Gosh Aly! Well done you! That’s fantastic! What a wonderful achievement and start to your new year. Keep on tidying!

      Karin xx

  2. How wonderful! I’m feeling inspired and am definitely going to check out that book. I expect decluttering will be a life long challenge for us as we’re both type ADD with hoarder tendencies… actually the OH is more of a clutter and then chuck everything out cycler than I am. But still! Every now and again when I do that big wardrobe or kitchen drawer sort it does feel epic, so i’m willing to give this a go. Happy New Year x

    1. Awesome Uju! This is the perfect time of year to start afresh with less clutter and rubbish. Just remember, ask yourself, “Does this bring me JOY?!” Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress.

      Karin xx

  3. Two years ago my word of the year was Create Order so I spent the year cleaning and decluttering. It was an eye opener especially in terms of how much excess we have. I removed so much from our home – rubbish, donated and sold. Every 3 months I do a clear out now of cupboards and remove everything we don’t use. The more I do it the more ruthless I am getting!

    1. That’s an excellent way to go Laura-Kim! I need to keep doing this regularly. It’s very easy to let it all get away from you, especially when your method is hiding things in storage boxes and bins. So easy to forget. Ruthless is the way forward!

      Karin xx

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