January 2016

January 20, 2016

Did you ever have a day filled with little mistakes? I had a day like that today. Nothing earth shattering but enough to make me think that maybe I should have just had a nap and re-grouped rather than push through in the hopes that it would all get better. Nothing got worse and the day still had some good redeeming factors because, as well all know…not every day is good but there is good in every day. Our school run was a successful one, the day was bathed in sunshine (with a rather cold temperature however), I enjoyed 2 very nice cups of tea, Mark was quite successful in his work day and I managed to begin a project that I think will be quite challenging.

…and now a message from the recesses of my mind…

I got an email today from a UK blogging community. They have training and networking opportunities throughout the year. I think I no longer desire to “learn” about how to blog but I still always appreciated the opportunity to hang out with friends. Blogging has become such a big business now and in re-launching this blog as our family’s online journal, I have reclaimed my writing and my hobby that initially was my respite 6 years ago when I began blogging. I feel good about writing and I feel good that this blog is now mine again. One of the sections of the email I received asked if we wanted to present at the training. I have always loved presenting, always loved being in front of people, always loved helping. I presented an Embrace Happy session at 2 other conferences last year and loved it. I know I really wouldn’t be welcome to present anymore but a part of me wondered if anyone would be interested in how to RECLAIM your blog and your passion for writing? Would you?

…back to my day…

Thanks to meal planning, I was already ahead of the game with my defrosted Bolognese sauce, made last week & frozen for a “rainy” day so I knew our evening meal of Creamy Penne Bolognese Bake would be a doddle. I attempted to make a GF Banana Bread, using up 3 brown bananas but succeeded in burning the entire outside of it. Oddly, the inside still tastes nice so I may just push ahead and eat it anyway. Waste not and all that! Hubby and I had a nice chat after dinner and as I type, Ella is reading her book to Mark, Sammy is driving his Lightening McQueen cars around the lounge before we all head up to bed. Life is good. And tomorrow I won’t make mistakes. Tomorrow I will start fresh. Tomorrow is a new day.


School Run Fun 😂 #embracehappy

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Yep. Burned my banana bread. Eating it anyway. Waste not. 💜 #embracehappy

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