January 2016

January 22, 2016

Friday. Friday. Friday. I do love me a Friday. I am typing this post with the electric heater baking my legs next to my chair. It’s a rather lovely feeling actually. I have just put Ella to bed after reading 1/2 of Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Sam is in our bed with Mark, as per usual and after a very exhausting week of long days and longer nights, Mark is next to Sam, snoring away. That tells me he is properly tired. He never snores. Unless he’s properly tired. Or has had a few too many drinks. He definitely has not had the latter. We’re all tired, actually so I shall retire soon as well. This week has been filled with action and stress, excitement and frustration, happiness and grumbling. A good week but a long week.

Mark began his business 2 weeks ago essentially but this week was the first week of “trading”. We are finally getting nearly there as the business bank account details finally came through, the insurance is sorted, the vans are ready/taxed/insured, etc and there are jobs being done by the employees. It’s all go! We’re still waiting on BT for phone and broadband but the office has taken shape and Mark is finally back to “work”. It’s all quite exciting really. Tonight I told him, “I’m proud of you” as we walked across the yard toward his cabin office. He looked at me and seemed genuinely pleased. This is a huge undertaking for our family. One that is both scary and exciting all rolled into one. And it’s kind of great that we are effectively doing it together. I may not know the business but I am involved in everything, including being the “Go To” for IT and tech support as well as logo designer and general problem solver. We will make this work together. And that is awesome.

Ella and Sam have both had good week. Heading back to school on Monday without that bothersome barely-hanging-there front tooth was a huge boost for Ella and she has seemed pretty darn excited about school, her friends and dance as well. Ella and one of her classmates are going to participate in their school’s Talent Show, held at the end of March this year. They both participated as a duet last year and want to do it again this year. I love their confidence and desire to be on stage. This year they want to do a gymnastics show…we’ll make something fun I’m sure. Sam enjoyed his week at preschool, particularly his play time with his best buddy. We also had some lovely time together, just the two of us which I really love. It won’t be long until we don’t have Mummy Sammy days any longer so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

And my week? Busy, fraught, manic comes to mind. I don’t feel like I accomplished a lot but I know I did in reality. I meal planned and felt good about that but need to get a better handle on dividing my time for my working hours to ensure that I am being as productive as I can be. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning as I am taking Ella for an early private lesson with one of her dance teachers. We are going to be adding a few new moves to her competition routine which she will be performing in a few weeks. After Ella’s lesson I’m going to take her for a girlie treat and then pick up one of her classmates and her Mom to bring them all back to ballet class at 10:30. Another busy but fun morning! I also need to spend time online this weekend trying to sort out Mark’s business website, learn an accounting software programme and create invoices for Mark’s jobs…wonder if I’ll get any “Me” Time?? Life is good.


School Run Fun, Rain Rain Go Away ☔ #embracehappy

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Making use of the AWESOME white board at Daddy’s new office! 💜 #embracehappy

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    1. Thank you Livi!
      Yes, these first few weeks have been slightly chaotic but it’s all going really well. Thank you for your encouragement!
      Karin xx

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