January 2016

January 23, 2016

Some days are just a lovely level of happiness. I find, on days like this, that I am able to deal with everything so much better. Nothing splendiforous is happening; it’s just a normal day but with a happy smile throughout the whole of the day. I find I have the perfect amount of patience and the ability to calm myself when I need it most. I started Embrace Happy almost 2 years ago now and after almost 730 days of writing down and recording my #3goodthings, stopping to smell the roses and taking that deep breath when I needed it have allowed me to SLOW DOWN. It’s helped me to be a far better Mum, a far kinder wife and a more grateful human being. I have read article upon article about how embracing happy can make your life so much better and brighter and I truly believe that it can.

This week, in one of my social media roles, I shared an article about the importance of slowing down. It was centered around one Mum’s experience with constantly telling her daughter to hurry up. One day, when her daughter acknowledged, “I know, I know…Hurry Up!”, this Mum realised what she was doing to her daughter and thus, herself. She stopped right there and started to appreciate the slowness of her daughter and all of the wonderful things her daughter saw and experienced when she was going “too slow”. I shared this article with one of the pages I manage. There were several comments including one from a Mum who felt that the author of the article obviously had never had to get 3 children out the door by 7:30am nor did she have to deal with tantrums and meltdowns in the supermarket while worrying about whether her children would eat the meal she would spend time and energy slaving away on. I felt sad when I read that comment. Sad that that particular Mum obviously feels so much stress in her life that she can’t appreciate the little things. Sad that this Mum was talking about Mummy guilt and smug perfect parenting. Sad that this Mum clearly needs a smile or a laugh or a hug.

No one has this parenting or life thing down to perfection. Not even those of us who feel pretty positive about our lives. Nothing, really, is perfect. But what gratitude and happiness can bring you is the ability to see things differently. I have read this quote and I love it:

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.

A friend of mine lost her daughter almost 3 years ago now. On 2 February, 2013, her 9 month old daughter died of SIDS. 9 months old. Every day, since that day almost 3 years ago, I think very carefully about my grumbles. Because if my daughter or son was gone, how much would I give to have one more moment, no matter how messy or grumbly that moment was, with my child. There is tragedy everywhere around us. The problems I have are nothing compared to what others struggle with daily. I need to be grateful for what I have and celebrate it every day. Never mind the mess, the over-tiredness, the stress, the frustration…LIFE IS GOOD. Find the good in your day, every day. It’s there.

Today was all about: girlie time with Ella mixed with Dance lessons and laughter; chatty time for me with a friend over tea; one-on-one time for Mark and Sam to be BOYS; project time in our house getting blinds finally in place to keep the warm in and the cold out; Sloppy Joes for dinner and Hotel Transylvania on the telly; snuggles at bedtime and another chapter of Harry Potter; cuddles with Hubby while we watch a movie after the kids have gone to bed. A good day. A good life. What’s been good about your day today?


Pretty cake! Not mine, just pretty! #embracehappy

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Dinner via My Daddy Cooks. Slop-sloppy-Joes! #embracehappy

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Dancing 🎶

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