January 2016

January 25, 2016

Two years ago today I began documenting and sharing #3goodthings each day. With the exception of a couple of late submissions (forgot to do it in the evening, posted first thing in the morning for the previous day) in the first few months, I have not missed one single day of #3goodthings. That’s 730 days of thinking about, documenting and sharing something good that’s happened in our day x 3. That’s 2190 good things! Do you know what I love the most? It’s not how many, it’s the fact that I have managed to keep doing it every day for 2 solid years. I am terrifically not good at keeping up a habit. I like to think that I could be (we’re on week 3 of meal planning and I am still doing it!) better than I am but most of the time, my best intentions fall by the wayside after a few weeks. I don’t think this is uncommon after all, why would we need New Year’s Resolutions if we were all better at keeping up good habits?


I have one regret, however. I regret not printing off pictures of each of those #3goodthings that I have shared through my social media channels. I know I could make arrangements for it, it’s just that it would probably cost me an awful lot of money! So if anyone would like to print off my 2190 #3goodthings from the last 2 years, feel free! I will have to come up with a way to do this.

Today has been a lovely day spent with my Best Boy. We had cuddles, on his request, while watching Dinosaur Train and Walking with Dinosaurs on Netflix, we took lunch to Daddy at his office and we raced cars with his Lightning McQueen cars. I managed to squeeze in a bit of work (thank you iPad) as well as a video chat with my lovely friend Mari. We’re off to Ella’s dance lessons tonight and then sausage tray bake with pasta for dinner and hopefully another chapter of Harry Potter at bedtime. I need to help Mark sort out some invoices for work and I need to brush up on a few social media bits and bobs before my work week begins tomorrow. Phew! We’re off with a bang!

So, Happy 2nd Birthday to my #3goodthings! I hope you might consider doing the same with your days. What a difference it makes, I will tell you! Life is good…


School Run Fun 💜 #embracehappy #3goodthings

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Snuggles with my Best Boy because he asked to snuggle. Who am I to refuse? #embracehappy

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We’re racin’ today. Funny how Lightening always seems to win!

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