January 2016

January 27, 2016


Yesterday was a bit of a muddle as I was working “remotely” and felt a bit like a chicken with my head cut off. After a busy school run, I packed up my laptop, notebook and phone and headed to my inlaw’s house to spend the day working from their conservatory. They had an appointment they needed to be at for an indefinite amount of time and work had just commenced on stripping out their downstairs bathroom. So, I took up residence, rather uncomfortably, in their conservatory and kept their dog Buster company while I worked. Thank goodness for flexible working, eh? Thankfully, my inlaw’s arrived in time for me to dash home for the school run and later, dance lessons. I kind of enjoyed working from a different environment because for those 5 hours or so, I could pretend that it was MY conservatory and not my inlaw’s. Wouldn’t you love to have a conservatory for an office??

By the time we landed back home at 6pm, I felt exhausted! And I looked it! I have noticed that I am looking quite haggard at the moment. Isn’t that a brilliantly picturesque word: HAGGARD?! Something seems to have gone wrong since January began. I’m pretty happy in general with life and work and our family. But my face, hair, complexion and clothes don’t really reflect it. I have learned that I am Vitamin D deficient which isn’t much of a surprise for a resident of the UK in the months of December through March. I’m tired, I have bags under my eyes and my sleep is very broken most nights. That might be attributed to Sam being in between Mark and I almost every night, however. I think what I could really use is a day at a spa. Perhaps a lovely treatment or 7, hair and eyebrows styled, facial & makeup, proper hydration and eating food that is actually good for me and a chance to rest without distraction. Maybe it’s my social media habit that is wearing me out? Something needs to change…I just need to figure out what.

One year ago yesterday I was called into the office at the job that I had at that time. I was working for a brand as a freelance social media community manager. I worked 1 day a week at their workspace in London on South Bank and then worked 2 days from home. It was an ideal job for me and I learned a tonne of things which have enabled me to be a far better social media manager. However, on 27 January, 2015, the Marketing Director told me that unfortunately they were going to have to cut me back from 3 days a week to 1 day a week and that I wouldn’t be working in their office any longer. I was devastated. I was assured that they would do their best to get me back to 3 days a week as soon as they could and that, of course, they would be paying my January salary. One year on and I have still not been paid for that month of work. The business folded about 2 months later leaving customers without goods and/or refunds, leaving suppliers without payment and leaving employees and contractors like myself out thousands of pounds in pay. The 2 owners skulked off into the distance, claiming they owed us nothing, and didn’t look back.

This was a massive setback for me. I had only worked for them for 4 months but it shook my confidence and left me very low for several months. Thankfully I managed to pull myself back up and in June of last year I was offered EMPLOYMENT with the brilliant SwimFin as a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator. I love my job. I work from home and I love the brand and people who are involved. I use skills I gained from my previous job so I have to be thankful for the opportunity to have learned what I did. And I am far happier and fulfilled in this role than I ever would have been with the previous job. I do miss going to London once a week and I most definitely miss that wage that I never got paid. In correspondence with one of the owners in the months following the “shuttering” of the company, I was told that “this is just business, it’s not personal”. Funnily enough, it was entirely personal to me, to my family and to our bank account. My only hope is that one day, Karma will have her say. In the meantime, living happily (albeit looking haggard) is the best revenge.


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