January 2016

January 28, 2016


Have you ever seen someone scrambling an egg inside a shell? They have to make a small hole in one end, usually with a needle or pin or something relatively small. Then after the shell is pierced, they stir the egg inside like crazy with said needle or pin, thus scrambling the egg. Often this is done to remove the egg from the shell for something like decorating the egg shell for Easter or something. Well, this is what my brain feels like at the moment. I am trying to manage too many things and in keeping all of these balls up in the air, which I believe I am doing fairly well at the moment, I am suffering. Thursday was a much needed “down” day for me. I don’t mean “down” in terms of mood but “down” as in “down tools” and step away from the laptop. Sam and I enjoyed a quiet morning together, I made butternut squash & parsnip soup and jacket potatoes and we chilled. Then at lunch time we popped to Tesco’s and then took the soup and potatoes to Mark’s office for everyone to enjoy. I like the idea that I can make something for his employees.

By the end of the school run, which thankfully leaves us on Thursdays with NOTHING to do after school, I was just a bit run down. Ella and Sam played together and Mark was home a bit earlier than normal. I was helping Ella clean & tidy her room in anticipation of the sleepover of one of her classmates on Friday. We also had a lovely FaceTime session with my Dad and caught up on everything they have been doing lately. After an easy dinner of Chorizo Pasta (still meal planning, still winning), I got the kids ready for bed and after stories and snuggles COULD have fallen asleep with them at 8:30pm! I managed to slump downstairs at 9:15pm, helped Mark with some formatting on his invoices and watched a movie starring The Rock. Exciting times!

Friday involves prep for the above mentioned sleepover (I never knew two girls could get so excited!), a day of work from home and an attempt to not fall asleep too early tonight. And an attempt to stop the scrambling of my brain.


School Run Fun 💜 #embracehappy

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Happy Dino-mad Boy! 💜 #embracehappy

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Happy to have his sister home 💜 #embracehappy

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