January 2016

January 29, 2016


Ah, Friday. Even though I work on Fridays I always find a lot of happiness in Friday. The sun was shining (although the wind was blowing a hooley!) and I was ready for a good day of work and then fun with Ella having her friend over for a sleepover. A quick nip to the shop before starting work for the day to pick up fun snacks was all I needed to tackle before work. Work wise I am realising that although I am keeping multiple balls up in the air on a daily basis, I am actually not as good at it as I thought I was. Trying to portion out my time and learn to set boundaries is something I am failing at. And while I feel that I am doing my best professionally, it’s affecting my emotional state more than I anticipated. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m feeling very “scrambled” at the moment. The knock-on effect is that my sleep is utter rubbish and I wake up with my brain spinning. I don’t like that feeling! And unfortunately, that means that something has to give. I hate letting people down but in the long run, I am hoping that it will mean better things for everyone concerned.

School pick up was filled with lots of excitement as we collected Ella and her classmate. It was quite adorable really. Off they skipped, down the path away from school, holding hands and giggling madly! I love how carefree and spirited 7 & 8 year olds are! Ella and her friend had lots of giggles, lots of dancing, a bit of make-up and some tasty treats before settling down to a bit of Netflix and a carpet pizza picnic. Later, they both worked on choreographing their acro/dance routine for the upcoming school talent show (who knew Mark could have such good choreography suggestions!). The bedtime routine commenced around 9pm but I didn’t enforce light-out until 10:30. There was nary a peep from either girl the entire night!

I love that Ella is making good friends and having fun. It’s the first time I’ve started to really feel how much she is growing up. It’s lovely…and a bit sad as well. We’ll focus on the lovely for now though.



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Playing hairdressers at their sleepover! #embracehappy

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