January 2016

January 3, 2016

Ah, the magic of Disney! We packed ourselves into the car this morning to journey to the O2 Arena in London to see the magnificent “Disney on Ice”. The children were quite excited and after a reminder to not ask “Are we there yet??” and taking turns on the iPad, our journey proceeded without incident. If we’re ever able to stream WiFi in the car we will never worry about a car journey again. Failing that, the good, “old fashioned” apps did the job this morning.

Our adventure at Disney on Ice was really delightful. None of us have been to the O2 Arena before so it was all a bit new and exciting. We arrived with about 30 minutes before show time but after a lengthy queue at the public toilets, we only had about 8 minutes to get through to the arena, find our section and shuffle down to our seats. The lights were dim and they were repeatedly asking guests to take their seats. Thankfully, we managed to get our butts in the seats with about 3 minutes to spare.

I can’t gush enough about the quality of the show. The skaters, the costumes, the songs and the whole atmosphere was simply first rate. We had excellent seats (thank you so much Grandpa and Nanna Janna) so there was nothing impeding our view. The looks on Ella and Sam’s faces were absolutely priceless. THIS is what being a child is all about. The performances included MC-ing from Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Toy Story, the Little Mermaid, Lightning McQueen & the Radiator Springs Gang and the finale with the characters from Frozen. It was all just magical. And emotional sap that I am, I got all tearful as the final encore from Frozen closed the show. Why? No clue! Thankfully Ella was too entranced to notice Mummy’s tears.

The only negative I will mention is the cost of the souvenirs and O2 in general. I have no clue how people afford to buy the things they do! A Frozen balloon (the mylar variety one often gets for birthdays and such) was £7.00! A box of popcorn in a Disney box was £4.00! A slice of pizza (which we didn’t get) was £8.80! SHOCKING! And totally unnecessary. Good lord, I don’t really believe that the O2 Arena needs to make that much money off of it’s customers. But anyway, besides the ridiculous superfluous costs, we had a simply amazing day. The perfect way to end our Christmas holiday.

Tomorrow, thankfully, is not a BACK TO SCHOOL day for us. It’s an inset day at our local primary and preschool so we have one more day together to enjoy, relax and get ready for Tuesday. Ella is having a sleepover at Nanny & Grandad’s tonight as a final hurrah and tomorrow will be about getting ready for a new school term and getting to bed at a decent time. I will miss our quality time together but it’s time to get rolling in 2016. Half Term is only 7 weeks away after all!


Heading to the O2 Arena in London for Disney on Ice this afternoon! Woohooo! 💜 #embracehappy

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Happy to be at Disney on Ice. Not happy to pay £12 for this cup but we will love it forever! #embracehappy 💜

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Happy day at the O2! 💜 #embracehappy

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