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The sleepover girls, after having gone to bed around 10:30pm, woke up just after 7am! Thankfully, they both tiptoed downstairs to watch some telly, play some Minecraft and perfect their dance routine. I whipped up some crêpe-style pancakes for sustenance for their dance classes and then suddenly realised that we had very little time left to get to said dance classes. Getting ready went into hyper-drive and we managed to arrive at dance only a few minutes late. And then Ella sheepishly told me that she had forgotten her dance bag with her ballet uniform and shoes. Back in the car, back home, back to dance…I am a good Mummy.

Once order was restored in the dancing world, I slipped off for a walk into town on a gorgeous sunny morning. It was a much needed reprieve for me. I took a deep breath in and smiled and reminded myself that LIFE IS GOOD and that it’s good to take time for myself. I popped to my new favourite tea room, ordered a pot of breakfast tea and a gluten-free (warmed up) chocolate brownie and relaxed. My brain started un-whirling (I made that word up) and I felt myself slow down a bit. I had left Ella at dance quite tearful as she was so exhausted from the early start and lack of sleep so I knew I could look forward to a quiet afternoon as I was going to insist upon either a nap or extended rest on the sofa for my girl.

Today will be a day of sorting, website building and helping Mark to get organised, if I can, for the week ahead. We had a good chat last night where I learned that I actually make Mark nervous when I help him with computer things. It would seem that I am somewhat condescending. I need to try harder to not be condescending even though I wasn’t aware that I was doing it!

Enjoy your Saturday!


A bit of fresh air to clear a muddled head and calm the spirit with some time to myself. 💜 #embracehappy

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This is what Saturday is for. ☕ #embracehappy

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Extremely tired girlie with her lunch and a nest on the sofa to hopefully have a nap later! 💜

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