January 2016

January 4, 2016

Today was the last day of our Christmas Holiday! While half of the UK began the joy of shouty school runs, scrambling for school uniform and stuffing food into lunch boxes, we joyfully did not. A teacher inset day made Ella’s sleepover at Nanny & Grandad’s last night possible and meant that it was pretty darn quiet around our house this morning. Mark dashed off to do business related jobs while Sammy and I enjoyed our cereal and then I was able to do Yoga with Adriene for 50 whole minutes while Sammy played on the iPad next to me. It’s funny how a relaxing Yoga session becomes far less relaxing when a 4 year-old is sitting next to you watching the latest egg unboxing video on YouTube. However, I persevered and won!

The frenzy that kicked in this afternoon meant that most of what I wanted to accomplish didn’t get accomplished as my infinite talents were required to help calm the frazzled spirit of my partner in crime. Starting up a new business is more than stressful. Thankfully, minor order was restored as Ella went back to her weekly dance lessons tonight with Street Dance and Advanced Acro. Bless her cotton socks, she was a bit nervous about going back today. Ella moved up to the Advanced Acro class after only one term in the Basic Acro class. She’s her mother’s daughter don’t you know? I took the ensuing 90 minutes of lessons for myself, having escaped from home and enjoyed talking to adults other than my husband and quietly lost myself in social media for a while. Sitting in the waiting room has it’s advantages!

Thankfully a welcome FaceTime chat with my Dad and Stepmom brightened the mood when we returned home and we rounded out an exceptionally busy and mildly fraught day with perfectly cooked steak and almost perfectly cooked chips. Ella and Sam crashed after a bath and then Mark and I sat at his laptop where I attempted to not lose my patience or sound condescending as I showed him how to access his new business email platform which I of course had expertly set up for him. I am a good wife.

Believe it or not (if you know me or follow my social media accounts you will understand why this is hard to believe), I only managed to take 3 photos today. Shock…horror. Tomorrow I will return to better form. Tomorrow we will all return to better form as Ella and Sam head back to school, I head back to work and Mark carries on building our awesome business. What a year we’re off to so far!



My beauty, happy to be back to dance today with @inspiredanceuk #embracehappy 💜

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