January 2016

January 6, 2016

Wednesday…always a good feeling when it’s over as you know you are that much closer to the weekend….whooooo hooooo! Another school run (sans skateboard today) and a quiet day at home being a Work at Home Mum. I missed having the hubbub of Mark being home, not that I should get used to it by any means. The day seemed to drag on as a result so 3:10 was a welcome shut down point. We had a happy school pick up and I popped Ella off to Modern Dance and stole 45 minutes to chat with the other mums which is always relaxing. We then went for the easy option for dinner with Gluten Free Fish & Chips with a bit of leftover pocket money. Result!

Unfortunately, our night took a turn after dinner when we discovered that Ella’s one remaining Guinea Pig, Bailey, had sadly died in his pen. We knew it was coming as his partner-in-crime, Einstein, had died 5 1/2 weeks ago. They don’t live long without their buddies. We rehomed them from a wonderful woman 2 years ago, just before Christmas. We gave them a pretty good end to their life, I like to think. Ella was absolutely inconsolable. Sammy, being 4, cried as well but was more concerned about his sister and her tears. He also stated the obvious rather well, “Now we have no pets”.

I let Ella have a bath alone to calm herself and relax. Then, after getting ready for bed, I bundled her up, handed her her craft box and supplies and suggested that she write or draw about Bailey and Einstein, as sometimes that helps. Bless her cotton socks, she made a sign for them each to put when we bury Bailey alongside Einstein who is already buried in our garden. She shared some memories of them, drew adorable pictures of them and sprinkled some glitter and sparkly stars. I’m going to get them laminated and we can display them in the garden later. What a tender-hearted girl we have. Rest in Peace, Bailey and Einstein. We were very pleased to be your family.


School Run Fun with a Special Guest Star! 🌟 #embracehappy 💜

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