January 2016

January 7, 2016

Today began dark and rainy but by the light of the lounge fire I managed to awaken my hope for a bright day with a spot of Yoga with Adriene. I highly recommend her, you know? She’s the kind of person who, it seems, would make a lovely friend. And who might make cake when you came over to chat. And would never let you down or tell you off. I’d like to be Adriene’s friend I think. But I digress. My new morning routine is quite satisfying actually. The whole house is quiet (and dark at this time of year) and I can usually manage to squeeze in a half hour of Yoga before being encroached upon by any short-legged members of our family. Sometimes I even manage to brew a cuppa and watch a bit of BBC Breakfast before being forced to change to Cbeebies and pour cereal or make toast. Joy!

Today, after Yoga with my new friend Adriene, I set to making waffles and pancakes for brekkie as the choices were quite limited today. And who doesn’t love a crispy, sweet waffle to start the day? After a slightly rushed 8:00 hour, I was thankfully able to leave Sam with Mark so I could take Ella to school, in the rain, on my own. There are advantages to having Mark working from home for the time being; I will make sure to use the ones available to me. Peering out from under my hood and dodging Ella’s somewhat erratic umbrella-holding skills, I managed to literally kick a soggy, giant, wet dog poo about half-way up the path to the school. I mean REALLY!!! I get so incensed when all of the school children and parents have to play dodgems up the school path between piles of poo that dog owners are too lazy to bother with. But then, when I penalty-goal-kick a poo the size of an orange about 3 feet in front of me, my hopeful and happy mood withers a bit! I chose not to let it fully colour my day however.

Ella safely deposited, I scuttled back to Sammy and we enjoyed our first Mummy-Sammy Day in several weeks. We popped to a nearby town to get Sam’s hair cut. This is the 2nd time we’ve been and it was another exceptional success. The barber even used the clippers several times! My boy is growing up…and looking very handsome! Haircut done, grocery shopping done and back home in time to make a pack up for Ella and deliver it to school- we were on a roll. I do love having one on one time with the kids and I think it does wonders for their confidence in general. I will miss Mummy-Sammy Days when September rolls around. Sniff.

The rest of the day was uneventful really. The sun managed to peep out but a cold front had replaced the rain from earlier in the day. I still have my fingers crossed for snow but I know I am the only one in the whole of the UK. Never mind. Tomorrow is Friday. Then it’s the weekend and while we have nothing amazing planned other than the usual Dance classes and a trip to IKEA to collect our #LiveLAGOM purchases, I will relish the 2 days with my little family and be most grateful that we have each other. 2016 is off to a pretty decent start so far.


Good Morning Sunshine! Toasty @sageappliances waffles to make our day brighter. #embracehappy

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Now this is what a knife is for! 💜 #embracehappy

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The view from the school this afternoon #embracehappy

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My handsome Big Boy sporting official haircut number two and his reward intact! 💜 #embracehappy

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