January 2016

January 8, 2016

Friday! Friday! Friday! I was so pleased it was Friday today. But when my alarm went off at 6:30 for me to get my bum downstairs for a bit of Yoga Camp with Adriene, I didn’t just snooze it to grab 10 more minutes, I sharply shut it off altogether. Then I began a dialogue with myself as to why I really should be or shouldn’t be getting up. Fully awake, I extricated myself from the warm and snuggly duvet at 6:50 and made it down to the lounge before 7am. Thankfully today’s session was an easy one as I embraced being stronger by working my core muscles. Sam joined me about 5 minutes from the end. We could be a great double act.

Both Ella and Sam were off to school today and with a Year 3 Cake Sale after school, I used my early morning time to stir up a batch of pink Rice Krispie treats for the sale. I made one round cake pan for the sale and one round cake pan for us. I will not divulge who actually polished off the entire 2nd 9-inch cake pan of Rice Krispie treats. It surely could not have been me.

I spent the morning learning new skills, plotting and planning, writing blog posts and trawling the internet for share-worthy content. My job is a really interesting job! Before I knew it, the school pick up was upon us and the BIG CAKE SALE as well. By the time we got through to the sale, however, virtually every cake was gone. It was the Year 3 (Ella’s class) Cake Sale today so we parents provided the treats. I was astonished to find very little left but that’s also a really good thing as not too much goes to waste. After securing a couple of fairy cakes for the kids, we shuffled back home and then popped over to our friend’s house to enjoy a bit of play time, movie watching (Home) and gossip (between Mums obviously).

When we arrived home, Mark had decided to call it an early night. The first week of his new business venture has gone really well with a few expected challenges, of course. I think Mark felt really proud of the start he’s had and I felt extremely proud of him. I have never wavered for a moment in my faith in Mark and what he’s capable of which is why I let him worry about the security and financial challenges. I KNOW we/he will succeed. Now I just need to help him every day to believe the same. Not having had much “chill” time as a family this week, we all just hung out in the lounge together watching rubbish telly, fighting the occasional sword fight and playing with dinosaurs, dollies and cars (that was Ella and Sam, just to clarify). We ate a super casual dinner on our laps and snuggled the kids into bed slightly too late but if you can’t do that on a Friday, when can you?

Tomorrow, we’re off to Dance in the morning and then IKEA Nottingham in the afternoon to being our LiveLAGOM adventure. I can’t wait to share more about this project with you. Until then…sweet dreams and have an amazing weekend. Life is good…


School Run Fun! It’s FRIDAY!! 💜 #embracehappy

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Frost start this morning. ❄ #embracehappy

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