January 2016

January 9, 2016

Oops, guess what I didn’t do today when my alarm went off at 7:30am? I didn’t join my friend Adriene for Boot Camp. I know she will forgive me though because she’s always telling us to “find what feels good” and this morning, at 7:30am, when no school run was looming, my bed felt reallllllly good. Tomorrow morning I will rejoin Adriene for Day 7 of Yoga Camp.

Our day today was no less busy than the rest of the week but was far more enjoyable! I dropped Ella off at Ballet and Musical Theatre this morning and joined a lovely friend for a cup of tea and a (naughty but gluten free) brownie to catch up on lost time over the Christmas holidays. I do love a good old chin wag with no pressure of children or time. After collecting Ella and then preparing the car for a 3rd journey to IKEA Nottingham, we were off. Both children happily chattered away in the car and the journey was stress-free until we hit a rather significant tail-back in the run up to the shopping centre where IKEA Nottingham is located. 25 minutes later…geesh…and we were locating our IKEA #LiveLAGOM liason, Kerry, and collecting our previously selected #LiveLAGOM purchases which will help to make our home more energy efficient, warmer and brighter and will allow us to cook and store food with less waste. Huzzah!

I would have liked to have picked up the discounted desk in Bargain Corner. I would have also loved to have picked up 2 new lovely grey sofa covers for our very tired and currently-red-covered Klippan sofas but sense prevailed. Well, sense and the reality that we are starting a new business and need to keep our financial heads about us so as not to have to resort to eating beans on toast every night. Maybe in a few months we’ll be able to treat ourselves to some pretty things. However, we got to bring home some amazing products as #LiveLAGOM ambassadors and are very honoured to have been chosen to do so. After satisfying our meatball craving (regular for Mark, veggie & gluten free for me), we stuffed ourselves back in the car for the 90 minute journey home. As much as I love IKEA, 3 times since the middle of November of last year is quite a few visits. I think we’ll give them a miss for at least a month or so!

When we arrived home, Ella and Sam were both very keen to help us roll out the new Molby carpet, to put Sam’s new playmat in his bedroom and to change out some of the LED bulbs we had selected. We have even managed to temporarily hang the new lined curtains in the lounge (although they are about 3 feet too long!) and can already feel a difference in the temperature in the room. It’s positively balmy! Why did we not do this before?? And with that, tired children and a cobbled together dinner, it was time for bed. Mark is currently dozing with both children in our bed while I crack on with this post. Tomorrow will be a quiet day to practise spelling and visit with Nanny & Grandad. How has your weekend been so far?


Another journey to IKEA Nottingham but this time we’re bringing things home! #LiveLAGOM #embracehappy 💜

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