February 1, 2016


Pinch, punch, first of the month! So January is done and we’re moving on. I am very much hoping that February will be calmer and less fraught for us all. And preferably no more loose teeth! From Ella, that is. Or anyone else for that matter. Today was a Mummy Sammy Day. I had a real sigh of relief this morning when, after having lovely snuggles with Sammy before getting up, I remembered that I didn’t really have to work today. I do my best at the moment to keep Mondays and Thursdays as Mummy Sammy Days as Sam is not at preschool. That doesn’t mean that I don’t sit down at the laptop but I’m under no “time clock” so to speak. I can pop on, do what I like, add what needs adding and go make dinner or have a snuggle on the sofa with Sam.

This morning, after a terrifically blustery school run that involved tears from my daughter over spelling tests and her feeling that she had upset me (which she hadn’t and I reassured her of that), Sam and I plodded home to work on building a train track. Last night I promised that I would do that with him first thing after the school run and we did just that. Mind you, he barely played with it once it was constructed but hey-ho, you have to keep your promises! While Sam got on with playing and a bit of iPad, I did our February calendar on the kitchen white board and chose our meal plan for the week. We then went off to the shops where I was miraculously able to deflect requests for “just one toy” with the purchase of a new battery-powered toothbrush…SPIDERMAN of course.

The rest of the afternoon was rather busy with lunch, dinner prep and a bit of work on the “‘pooter” as Sammy says. I picked up a far brighter and smiley girl from school, fed snacks and then we were off to 90 minutes of dance and acro classes while I chatted with other class Mummies and we talked about dancing costumes and upcoming dance festivals. By the time we got home at 6:20, it was time to kick into high gear with dinner (Roast Pork, thankfully done in the oven and only potatoes, stuffing and veg to cook). Mark was home late, dinner was therefore eaten quite late and bedtime equally, was a bit late. But I enjoyed reading Chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to Ella and that was our day, mostly done. Now it’s time for a bit of computer time with the husband and eventually bed.

I treated myself today to the magazine FLOW. It’s a beautifully printed magazine with a lot of “Embrace Happy” messages, mindfulness and pretty pictures. I RESOLVE to get through it this month. I am notoriously bad at NOT reading books and magazines and instead resorting to social media for my mental entertainment. February I am trying something new…SWITCHING OFF. And with that, I bid you…bon soir!


School Run Fun? It’s a Monday. #embracehappy

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Train time with the Boy! #embracehappy 💜

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Treated myself to this beauty today. @Flow_magazine #embracehappy

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