February 10, 2016


Sam slept through from 7:30pm Tuesday night to 7:30am this morning! I was anticipating him waking up extremely grumpy but he was happy and most amused that he had 1) missed his dinner and 2) was still in his clothes! It’s the little things in life! I kicked off my #embracehappyraok effort for the whole of Lent. I’m going to do 40 random acts of kindness (raok) to GIVE BACK to others this Lent instead of giving something up. I started today by sending a Happy text message to five of my friends to start their day with a smile. Wednesday was another busy work day for me and then we were off after school again to Modern Dance and Ella’s last private lesson for her Competition Dance. Ella has been 1 of about 10 girls from her Dance School who took up the opportunity to competeĀ in local Dance Festivals. Ella competed in 3 festivals between September and December of last year and this year we have 2 this next week (over the Half Term) and another possible festival in April.

I’m quite proud of the progress Ella has made this year. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to stand up on a stage ALL BY YOURSELF and shake your little booty. Well, it’s an awful lot more than that. We had about 7 lessons when we began on this path last year to learn the choreography and how to show it off to the best of her ability. I saw my inner “Dance Mom” coming through but have been able to reign it in pretty well. I just want Ella to shine and to feel good about her performances and thankfully, the first three festivals so far have been brilliant. Neither Ella nor her other dance mates have managed to win any medals but we really weren’t expecting them to since we’re only just learning. This Half Term Ella has a competition on Sunday 14 February and Thursday 18 February. We have a swishy new costume so we’re ready for action! I hope!

Wednesday night, after dinner, bath and bedtime for the kids, saw Mark and I working together again for the 4th night in a row on invoicing for his business. I’ve been really pleased to be able to help him, not only because it makes things go a bit faster for him but it means we’re spending time together as well. I did tell him last night that we most definitely are having “NO BUSINESS” nights on Friday and maybe Saturday nights going forward. All work and no play make Mark and Karin far too tired!

Now we’re on the countdown to Half Term! We’ve got Thursday and Friday left at school including a Valentine’s Disco for Ella on Friday night and then we’re on “holiday”. With Mark only having just started his business, he won’t be having any time off with us next week but we will enjoy lazy mornings and hopefully some outdoor adventures while squeezing in a bit of work at the same time. I’m ready for pyjamas until Noon…how about you??


Good Morning Sunshine!! #embracehappy

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The joy of a Kinder Egg! #embracehappy 💜

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