February 13, 2016


Saturday was ALL ABOUT DANCE! Ella normally has ballet for 45 minutes and musical theatre for 60 minutes on Saturdays. We were still doing this but also adding a one-hour practice session for their upcoming dance festival competitions. Ella’s Dance School has a wonderful group of 10 dancers who are all ages and disciplines of dance and they’re just lovely. I know they are all proud to represent their dance school and to get the chance to shine as individuals on the stage. I’m amazed, actually, with how much Ella does love it!

While Ella was at dance, I dashed into town to do a few errands plus squeeze in a slightly abbreviated visit at my new favourite cafe, Lilli’s Tea Room. Then it was back to dance to see all of the competitors “dress rehearsal”. It was great to be able to see everyone in their costumes and showing off their routines. We won’t all be competing together again so it’s wonderful to be able to support them at least once!

We had a quiet afternoon after dance and then I whipped up gluten free Toad in the Hole for dinner while we watched the final of Ninja Warrior UK before packing the children off to bed. Mark and I enjoyed a bit of time together watching telly which has definitely been missing this week as we’ve been working so much on the business. Mark got a great bit of news for his business on Friday so we are both feeling really good about where we’re heading. It was meant to be after all!


Good Morning Sunshine! @sageappliances @mummy_barrow #embracehappy

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Practise done, ready for competition tomorrow morning! 💜 @inspiredanceuk

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