February 14, 2016


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! This year we have kind of chosen to gloss over Valentine’s Day in favour of Ella’s dance festival competition! I did get a card for Mark and wonder of wonders, he got me some beautiful tulips and a new Pandora charm for my charm bracelet! I’m not sure what happened there but it was very welcome!

We were off early this morning to get Ella to her dance festival competition by 8am. Thankfully we only had to drive about 45 minutes away so we weren’t too grumpy about the early start. Ella was excited and nervous. Up until now I have pretty much resisted the application of vast amounts of makeup on Ella for competition. I just disagree with making our little ones look too grown up! But as the stage gets a bit bigger and brighter, unfortunately, you do need a bit of sparkle to make your child stand out on a stage with very bright lights. I did apply a very light, tinted foundation, powder, blush and eye-liner plus a teeny bit of sparkly pink lip gloss to my lovely daughter. I think it did make a bit of a difference. I’m still not very good at it!

Our group competing this morning was for the 6-7 year old Modern Novice category. Ella had 2 of her fellow dance mates to compete alongside which was so helpful and encouraging. And of course, we had our wonderful Dance Teacher to hold hands and give last minute advice along the way. The group that Ella was competing in had 23 dancers and she was scheduled to be number 20 of 23! That’s a long time to wait! As we got closer and closer to Ella performing, I got more and more nervous. I have to sit away from Mark and Sam when this happens. I cannot sit still! Ella’s fellow dancers from our school performed beautifully at number 3 and 10 respectively. Ella came on stage and hit everything. She’s finally starting to have a bit more confidence about herself and is learning to “cheese” it up a bit more which made her routine really shine today.

As the dancers paraded out onto the stage following the final performance, I was nervous and excited to see if Ella might place. At the 3 competitions we competed in this past Autumn, Ella improved each time yet didn’t place. We talked A LOT about how placing and/or winning are not the most important thing and that it’s all about doing your best. Ella has handled this all really well for being only 7 years old! So when the adjudicator announced his 3rd place winners as number 12 and TWENTY…….I just about shot out of my seat! Ella took joint 3rd place!!! I was so bloomin’ proud and there may have been a tear or two that leaked out. The look on Ella’s face is what really made me proud, however. Ella was just beaming! It was like someone lit a light inside of her. She kept glancing down at her medal and smiling and looking for us in the audience. The hug we got when we went back stage was AWESOME!!! Ella’s fellow dancers were really proud of their performances and we were so proud of them as well. So much progress has happened over such a short period of time! I think this is our best Valentine’s Day yet!

We stopped in to visit my inlaws and then came home for Mark to tackle our final IKEA LiveLAGOM job of installing the LED lights in the kitchen. He may need the rest of the bottle of wine after this one! We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, a 3rd place win at Dance and Half Term tonight with Chinese takeaway. Ella and Mark are supposed to be cooking! Ha!



Tulips are my favourite and my best 🌷💜 #embracehappy

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