February 2, 2016


I was a bit worried about Sammy today as, in the night, he seemed feverish and restless. But Tuesday morning dawned with nary a whinge or warm forehead so I think whatever it was, it was fleeting. And of course required Mummy & Daddy cuddles throughout the night. Bless. We had a bit of a lie-in for a school day and a happy walk to school despite the gale force winds whipping through our village. Crikey! Life on an island is never dull. I’m most grateful that we don’t live in Scotland. Or on the South coast.

I had a busy and productive work day which is always a good start to the work week. Today was also my Dad’s birthday! Thankfully we were able to connect with him through the marvels of FaceTime in order to wish him a Happy Birthday officially. Ella made Grandpa a lovely card which we photographed and emailed to him. Holidays and birthdays are the hardest times to be apart from family. But such is life…

I love Tuesdays & Thursdays because we have nothing organised after school. I was able to get dinner prepped and then enjoy time in the lounge with the kids. This Tuesday, however, we had Ella’s school parent’s evening so we bundled up and headed to school at 6pm. Ella’s teachers (a lovely husband & wife team) had wonderful things to say about her as well as a few constructive suggestions. I am so proud of her after hearing how well she is doing. Ella is a people pleaser and wants nothing more than to do her best to make her teachers and teaching assistants proud. That makes me happy.

After a slightly delayed dinner it was bathtime and bedtime but not before darling Ella appeared at the bathroom door in floods of tears. She and Mark had been watching a Dog Rescue show on telly while I was running the bath and getting Sammy in. The last story on the show had been about 2 dogs who had been left in a car and had overheated and died. Ella was devastated. It really upset her that anyone could be so cruel. It was one of those horrid “real life” lessons that you never want your children to have to face. Bedtime was a group cuddle as a result. My tender hearted girlie, I do love her so.


Good Morning Sunshine! 🌞 #embracehappy

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School Run Fun! Oh how I love these two 💜 #embracehappy

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Brilliant advice 🌸 @flow_magazine #embracehappy

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