February 3, 2016


Another morning lie-in and I’m finding this to be quite a nice way to start our day. I dropped off Ella and Sam at school and enjoyed another blustery limp home. I put the key in the lock, opened the door and walked into the house. I love our house. But I find it exceptionally quiet when the kids and Mark are not here. Too quiet. So when I work from home, I always have Radio 2 on to keep me company. The background music and the pleasant DJ banter make me feel less lonely. After brekkie and a fresh cuppa, I fired up the laptop and got ready to crack on with work. It was a good day of work filled with new ideas and new inspiration which is always helpful.

I have been sticking to our meal planning the last 3 weeks and have thus enjoyed fab leftovers most lunchtimes which results in far less food waste which makes me feel good. After having a total clean out of our fridge just before the New Year, I have been very pleased to NOT fill our fridge with food that is wasted. I have only bought what we need and we have done really well to use up everything. It probably seems daft to be proud of this but it’s a big achievement for us and thus, I am! Today’s leftovers were from Monday’s Roast Pork dinner…omnomnom.

I have been waiting for the last 5 weeks for word from my orthopaedic consultant and the NHS as to when I would be having double knee arthroscopic surgery. I have 2 bone-on-bone knees that are very arthritic as a result. My orthopaedic consultant doesn’t understand why, at the age of 45, my knees are destroyed but they are and the only solution for them is to have full knee replacement surgery. We seem to have ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis (thankfully) as to the cause but he still wants to do arthroscopic surgery first to “see what’s going on in there”. Today the letter finally came. And when is my surgery?? 3 weeks from today! HUZZAH!!! I am so pleased to be moving forward sooner rather than later. The real battle will be to see when the knee replacement can happen and then the hard work comes! But I am so eager to get back my physical life and strength so I can walk again and maybe even dance!

Today I did a really interesting exercise, inspired by a viral post that was making it’s way around the internet. Inspired by What’s on my Mind, I let out my inner musings in a brain dump and it really felt good! I will keep this up every week in our Embrace Happy group on Facebook. I’m also going to start doing a “What I like about ME!” challenge where I list the things that I’m liking about myself on that day. I think it’s important to balance the challenges with some positive affirmations too. We all need a bit of stroking from time to time! Give it a whirl yourself maybe??



Sunshine! 💜 #embracehappy

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