February 5, 2016


Did you ever have a day when your creativity has been left at the door? Friday was this day for me! After dropping the children at school and arriving home, I fired up the archaeic laptop which has served me so very well these last 6 years. Radio 2 was on, tea was brewed and I was ready for action. But as my hours ticked on, I felt utterly flat. Slightly tapped out, if you will. I need a bit of a prompt, an idea, a new focus. And I’m working on that. In the meantime, I trudged on. Working in social media is quite fun and also funny. The things you find, the things people do, the content you share! It’s all a bit weird. But it helps to bring in the income for which I am eternally grateful.

I picked up Sammy from preschool to discover that I had to sign the accident book today. I hate it when that happens. It wasn’t serious but Sam’s right eye had been bothering him and was red and a bit teary. I was slightly worried that it might be conjunctivitis but it didn’t seem to be too severe and he wasn’t complaining of it hurting. We collected Ella, battled our way through the throngs of school children & parents to secure 5 cupcakes in the school cake sale and scuttled back home to meet our friends, the Green family. We hadn’t seen them for several weeks so it was great to be back together again. We bundled up and headed to our local park down the road where the children played for over an hour while Sabina and I had a chat. Finally, with the darkness creeping in and the cold becoming just a bit too cold, we went back home.

It was after the Green’s left and we settled down that Sam’s eye seemed to start bothering him more and more. He didn’t want me to look at it or touch it but he wanted to keep something on it. He was tired, the wind from the park had irritated his eye a bit and he was feeling sorry for himself. Cuddles and cold cloths helped but he was a bit overdone. After dinner, we went upstairs to get ready for bed and Sam was rolling around on the bed whining about his eye. I got him a cold cotton wool pad, scooped him up in my arms and cuddled him into me on our bed. Within about 2 minutes he was asleep. Bless, that hasn’t happened in a long time! Then it was time to put Ella to bed with another chapter and a half of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. We’re down to the last 60-some pages now! Exciting! Saturday will be another day of dancing and household jobs and hopefully NOT a day of conjunctivitis! Fingers crossed!


School Run Fun! It’s FRIDAY!!! #embracehappy

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Homemade Ramen or Chicken Noodle Soup. You decide. #embracehappy

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Anger cupcake (Inside Out cupcake) #embracehappy 💜

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