February 6, 2016


You know how when you read about someone having nits, you tend to start itching your head? Or when someone close to you has the stomach flu and are puking, you feel decidedly like throwing up yourself? I have no idea what this is called (psychosis?) but I have it. I was worrying about Sammy waking up with a gungy, crusty “pink eye” this morning so when I went to bed last night, I could have sworn that my eyes felt scratchy and gloopy. I was already planning on cool, boiled water to clear my eyes when I woke up in addition to tending to Sam. Oddly, my eyes were perfectly clear this morning, albeit a bit puffy. Sam’s eye was also clear yet he was still complaining loudly about it hurting and itching. I felt that there was nothing else to do but take him to the Walk In Centre in Peterborough just to check that he hadn’t scratched his eye as well. Sam wasn’t happy- he hates doctors or nurses or any intervention from a strange person.

As I hustled to get ready to take him before God and Everyone descended upon the only Walk In Centre in the area, Sam refused to let me take him but instead wanted Mark only. Great. I had to change Mark’s plans for how he had hoped his morning would go which didn’t make him terribly happy but we needed to rule out any damage or infection. As they backed out of the drive, I tended to the mountain of dishes in the kitchen from last night’s dinner (my least favourite job in the world) and then shuttled Ella to her Dance Classes. Thankfully, the report that came back from the Walk In Centre was very encouraging. No scratches or damage to the eye, possibility of conjunctivitis but there was really nothing to do other than “wait and see” and keep his eye bathed in cooled, boiled water. Yay! Sam went on to have a lovely morning with Mark and I went on to have a lovely morning visiting my favourite Tea room and enjoying a bacon sandwich on gluten free bread with a pot of breakfast tea. Delightful and much needed.

Ella’s new dance competition costume arrived and it fits perfectly. Unfortunately, the craftsmanship with the dangly sequins is not quite up to scratch. We tried the costume on very briefly and managed to dislodge one strip of sequins while several other bands are already hanging (literally) by a thread. Thankfully, Ella’s dance teacher has agreed that that’s not acceptable so we will order another one and hope for the best. Next Sunday is her first competition so we’ve got to be stage ready for Sunday! The costume is adorable though…wish it could fit me! The rest of our day was spent happily watching movies in the lounge, (Mark) fixing the bathroom tap for the tub which suddenly decided not to work any longer and reading the gigantic stack of magazines which date back to November of last year. I am so very bad at taking the time to read for pleasure. Excuse me while I go do that now!


Tea for me. #Saturday #embracehappy ☕

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