February 7, 2016


We didn’t enjoy our standard breakfast in bed but in fairness, we snuck it in yesterday so I shouldn’t complain! I spent a quiet hour scrolling through my social media channels until Ella and Sam both descended upon my space. I decided it was time for action so we got cracking, piled in the car and headed to McDonald’s for a lazy brekkie. We then popped to the inlaw’s for a flying visit.

Mark has been slowly but surely ticking off house-related jobs the last few weeks. With our Live LAGOM products from IKEA forcing us into submission, Mark has done more in the last 3 weeks than in 6 months previously! We now have 2 blinds installed, a new kitchen water-saving tap and new hooks under our stairs. We are now becoming ridiculously organised and tidy! Our bathroom tap chose to give up the ghost after 11+ years so on Saturday afternoon Mark had managed to get that installed which was outstanding! We had a couple more jobs yet to do on Sunday including some IKEA mirrors to be installed on the wall above our staircase. In record time and minimal swearing, we now have an exceptionally awesome full-length mirror on the wall! I am beside myself with glee! It’s the little things in life after all.

Once we got the kids bathed and to bed, I spent a couple of hours working with Mark on his invoicing for his business. Mark came home really stressed out on Friday about his workload so I promised to work with him. I actually feel like we are partners in this now. Working together, while slightly stressful, is rather lovely. We’re both learning how to speak to each other with the right tone of voice and I feel that I am beginning to understand the business better. The best part is that our communication is far stronger and more positive now as a result. Huzzah! We’re now ready for a busy and hopefully more calm week ahead. I’ve made some decisions about something which had stressed me out and I feel a lot better for it. Sometimes saying NO is what is necessary for everyone. Are you ready for a brilliant week?


Lazy Sunday morning! #embracehappy

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2 thoughts on “February 7, 2016”

  1. Glad you are able (and willing) to help him. It makes a huge difference when you work as a team, especially when times are stressful like starting your own thing!

    1. Thank you Laura-kim,
      I actually think it’s a really good thing for us to work together, especially in these beginning stages. It helps me to know the business and to help Mark is really fulfilling!
      Karin xx

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