February 8, 2016


The start of our last week of school before our February Half Term dawned with a clear but bitterly cold (for the UK) morning. Both Ella and Sam were in really good moods which always makes the prep before the school run far easier. I challenged Sammy to get himself totally dressed all by himself. He took up the challenge and managed it really well! I was quite impressed really. I know, personally, I tend to do more than I should because it often makes life a bit easier and speeds things up. But I also know, I need to let Sam do more for himself and he ended up quite proud of his accomplishment this morning!

Sam and I spent another great Mummy Sammy Day together including a minor diversion to Mark’s work to take him a fresh set of clothes (he was scaling walls again…got a bit muddy!) and our weekly shop for ingredients for our meals. I’m fully stuck into the meal planning vibe! Ella is even learning to check the meal list to know what’s coming. This week I have scheduled Sunday for Mark and Ella to cook together. I’m quite looking forward to that! Sam is quite funny on our days together. He always wants to have some time together, preferably when he’s watching some videos on the iPad, where he sits on my lap and snuggles with me. I’ll take every chance I have of him offering snuggle time! Plus, often, it means that I can rest my eyes for a bit while we enjoy some time together. Win!

Monday for Ella, after school, is always a bit busy. We have 2 back-to-back dance classes: Street Dance and Acro. This week, Sam and I packed his new Spiderman figure and the iPad to enjoy a bit of quiet time while Ella danced. We can easily drop Ella off and go home for this 90 minute time slot but sometimes it’s nice to sit in a quiet environment that ISN’T home in order to focus a bit better. Mark turned up about 3/4 of the way into Ella’s first lesson as the Community Centre where Ella takes her lessons was offering desks and tables for sale. Mark is still in need of a bit of furniture for his office so he wanted to measure up and knew we would be there. Mark ended up then taking Sam home while I waited for Ella to finish.

Another two hours Monday night, after the kids were in bed, of invoicing, budgeting and planning and it was time for bed. We’re off to a rather good start this week! Long may it continue!


Oh no! A Land Shark is in the house!! #SwimFin

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Monday School Run Fun! #embracehappy

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Gift with purchase: Small Boy with every pack of Andrex! Awesome! 💜 #embracehappy

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2 thoughts on “February 8, 2016”

  1. I actually think my weeks success or failure depends on my meal planning. Last week ran like clockwork because I had the meal planning 100% . Sunday I had a horrid headache so didn’t really get the meal planning done – the weeks been chaotic :-/ So I am getting back on track today!

    1. This week has continued to go really well Laura-kim AND I have actually written in Mark and Ella doing the cooking on Sunday! They are going to plan their meal choice, shop for it and cook it. I’m quite looking forward to it!
      Karin xx

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