February 9, 2016


I always feel like Tuesday is where my week really begins. Monday is always busy, especially with Ella’s dance lessons after school, but Tuesday is when both Ella and Sam are in school and I am working from home. It’s finally a day of quiet and accomplishment. Well, most Tuesdays. After a breakfast wrap to fuel the old brain cells, I settled into my day of social media work. At least I know that not much will pass me by on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. I find I learn a great deal about things that no one really needs to know about. Perhaps this is why my brain is a bit too full most of the time?

I met with Sam’s preschool managers to discuss some concerns I had prior to pick up and then we had the pleasure of having one of Ella’s classmates and dance mates come over for a play date after school. They were supposed to be having “auditions” for their upcoming school talent show this week so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for the two of them to work together and have some fun. It’s really quite sweet watching them come up with ideas and their own choreography. I can tell that they have learned a great deal from their dance teachers because they clearly know what works.

We also had an after-school visit from British Gas who wanted to give us the “new boiler” pitch. We have an old fashioned back-boiler-giant-water-tank system which works but isn’t terribly energy efficient and really needs to be brought into this century. However, the cost has always had us pushing it way down the list. After the British Gas visit, we now know that the price isn’t totally horrific however, I personally feel that if a new combi-boiler system will be eventually installed in our kitchen wall like most people have it, that might be the perfect time to re-do the kitchen???? And while we’re at it, the lounge where the 1970’s gas fireplace and chimney breast are rather an eye-sore, will need a total replacement, redecorating and general spruce up. Suddenly the not-so-horrific price tag becomes an almost complete ground level makeover which will surely be an utterly-mindnumbingly-horrific price tag. Darn.

As a result of the British Gas visit and Ella’s play date, dinner was much later than anticipated and Sam rapidly went downhill after a pretty full-on day at preschool and play outside in the garden. By the time dinner made it to the table at 7:15 (don’t worry, they had snacks after school!), Sam was in floods of tears over pretty much non-existent leg pains. Within moments of sitting down to eat I was suddenly whisking Sam upstairs to “calm down” which was code, in my mind, for SLEEPY TIME. And sure enough, within 10 minutes Sam was asleep. Without his dinner. Aw. But he needed the sleep.

We started our day with Nutella pancakes for Pancake Day and finished our day (well, the adults anyway) with savoury potato pancakes for dinner. Any day that begins and ends with pancakes is a good day in my books.

School Run Fun! 💜 #embracehappy

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