January 2016

January 31, 2016


The last few Sundays have involved a lovely trend…breakfast in bed. The last 2 weeks, I have got up around 8:15am as everyone was slowly waking, and made tea for Mark and me, prepared a light, continental breakfast and piled everything on a tray to take back up to our bed for a family brekkie. This Sunday Mark was the lucky chef! I love the lazy, comfortable feel as we listen to Radio 2 and chatter amongst ourselves. This Sunday was a bit sad as we learned of the passing of the great radio & television broadcaster, Sir Terry Wogan, who died after a short battle with that damn CANCER which has taken far too many people in the month of January. We listened to radio tributes throughout the day. I can only dream of as many people speaking so kindly of me as those who have spoken so very kindly of Sir Terry Wogan.

After a bit of getting ready, baths and tidying up, we drove to the inlaw’s house where they were going to be looking after Ella and Sam while Mark and I went to an auction in Peterborough. Mark’s Mum had seen an advert in the local paper on Friday and told us about the event. There were lots of “luxury” items listed including laptops and “Apple Products” so we thought we would have a whirl at it just in case a bargain came up which would allow us to upgrade my work laptop and/or buy another laptop for Mark’s work. It was our first foray into auctions and it was kind of fascinating. There were some exceptionally high ticket items available: luxury furniture, hand-painted lamps, collections of wine, sports memorabilia, art prints and posters and the aforementioned “Apple Products” including iMacs, Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros and other various laptops. I got a bit excited at that point but it was all for nought as nothing was really in our paltry price range. But it was fun. And exciting to see a bit of bidding going on. I was quite transfixed by the £9500 valuation of a beautiful ring with a round Tanzanite stone surrounded by 12 small teardrop-shaped diamonds. Unfortunately the £6000 reserve was not met. No buyer. Maybe next time?!

Eventually we made it back home where I was able to FaceTime with my Mom for a while. It was nice to catch up and for the children to see Grandma. And then the weekend was gone and it was time to think about another busy week. I’m very much hoping that this next week is a bit calmer than the first 4 weeks of the year…


Spending our Sunday afternoon at an auction! First time for everything! #embracehappy

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Cheese! 💜 #embracehappy

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