March 2016

February 29-March 13, 2016

The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. January saw me writing every day. February, I backed off to weekly. And then surgery, sickness and wobbles set in. I haven’t updated since the 28th of February and to be honest, haven’t wanted to. I had my double knee arthroscopic surgery on the 24th of February and struggled quite a bit which surprised me. Somehow I had the idea in my head that because the surgery was on a day-patient basis, that my recovery would be plain sailing. Not so much. But I can report that following a weekend of begrudgingly lazy rest on the 27th & 28th of February, my knees have steadily improved each day to now being just about as good as they are going to be. Woo hoo. No more crutches, still plenty of ibuprofen but very little limping!

So now with a bit of breathing space, I am sitting down to catch up and see where we go from here. I know there are only a few people interested in what’s going on in our lives so this one’s for you! Enjoy…


Monday 29 February:

Leap Day! I decided to get myself back into a bit of shape by hobbling the school runs. I used my crutches as I felt that I could hobble faster on crutches than without. It was lovely to get a bit of fresh air and see people again. My school mum friends have been exceptionally supportive and helpful, offering to take Ella to school for me and to provide rides to and from dance which has been fantastic to rely on. I also managed to cook dinner for the first time in several days which pleased not only me but Mark as well as I fear, while he is capable, he’s not overly thrilled to take on my usual household duties.


Tuesday March 1: 

Sam was off to preschool today which allowed me the chance to have my normal work day at home. Sitting at my desk has been a bit difficult as I am still struggling to straighten my left knee but thankfully, working from home means that I can accomodate myself while getting things done! Having no after school activities meant that we could all relax together and not worry about getting anywhere.


Wednesday March 2:

Another usual Wednesday with more transportation help from one of my friends. Ella was taken to dance but Mark was able to come home a bit early to pick up Sam and me to take us to collect Ella from dance. It was wonderful to get properly OUT OUT of the house and see a different place and people. I was able to sit in on half of Ella’s private lesson with her teacher Amy. We chose the easy option for dinner by getting  Gluten Free Fish & Chips to takeaway. Comfort food can really hit the spot!


Thursday March 3:

Sam and I had the day together but we started the morning by being taken out by another friend to our local garden centre for brekkie. It’s amazing how much just being able to drive yourself somewhere means when you can’t. Catching up on gossip and chat is always a good way to start your day. Sam and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon together playing with dinosaurs and his Cars characters and reading a few books. I may have had a little doze on the sofa with him as well! Shhhhh!


Friday March 4:

We’ve got that Friday feeling! After depositing the children at school I cracked on with work and then went to my first Embrace Happy session at Ella’s school in the late afternoon. I’m working in Ella’s Year 3 classroom and with the Year 2 children. We had a great time talking about what makes them happy and will be creating a Happiness Tree in their school to display all of the things that make them happy! We finished out the week with Mark bringing home GREAT business news accompanied by Prosecco, paté and gluten free crackers. I am so very proud of Mark and the business success that he has cultivated!


Saturday March 5:

We had a pretty quiet Saturday for a change. Ella had dance lessons so Mark and Sam dropped Ella and I off at the Community Centre. My grand idea was that I would take a slow walk into the centre of town to my favourite little tea café to have a pot of tea and a bacon sandwich. But as I slowly walked from the Community Centre, to the library right across the car park, I realised that there was no way that I would be able to make it to the town centre and back on my own. Resigned, I looped back to the Community Centre and sat with my leg up scrolling through social media on my phone. Not entirely my plan. We returned home in the early afternoon and spent a quiet day building, watching movies and generally resting. We kept it simple for dinner which pleased me greatly!


Sunday March 6:

MOTHER’S DAY!!! I was treated to tea and pancakes in bed with lovely homemade cards, a bouquet of tulips and a lovely pressie from Ella which was chosen at her school Mother’s Day Gift shop. Mark did his best to take over the cooking and cleaning jobs for the day. We visited Mark’s parents and then spent another quiet afternoon at home together. Family is good. Life is good. Being a Mummy is the BEST!


Monday March 7:

I drove the car today!!! Hip hip hooray!!! I realised that I probably could have been driving before this but never mind. I took Sammy to the supermarket and then to get his hair cut at his favourite barber shop. He’s come so very far in the whole haircut saga, it’s hard to believe he’s the same boy. Making such a big trip out after such little activity really wore me out, however, so our afternoon before collecting Ella was very quiet! It was nice to be able to drive Ella to dance again, however. Freedom should not be taken for granted. Before taking Ella to dance, I viewed some office space in the local village library. The library has converted the Georgian building’s first floor offices into beautiful new spaces. I would LOVE to be able to rent 2 of the offices for myself and for my idea of creating a Creative Work Space for Freelance Work from Home Mums but I fear it will never happen. I seem to be GREAT when it comes to ideas and CRAP when it comes to making them happen. I have some good dreams though!


Tuesday March 8:

Back to school, back to work…nothing exciting on my day with the exception of feeling a cold starting to creep in…oh no.


Wednesday March 9:

I had a terrible night’s sleep because a cold was indeed settling in. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling very much like crap. Thankfully I was able to get Ella and Sam to school successfully and then set up camp in my bed. My plan had been to REST in the morning as opposed to working but that didn’t end up happening. Sometimes working in social media is a really bad thing. You can’t escape from it. Well, you can, if you just shut off your phone and laptop. I seem to have a problem in this regard. I was pleased to lay on Ella’s bed, later at bedtime, and have her read to me. We haven’t done much of Ella reading to me as I have been reading the Harry Potter books to her.


Thursday March 10:

Thursday was a bit of catch up for me, play at home with Sam and plotting and planning for next week- Mark’s 50th birthday is on Tuesday and our 10th wedding anniversary is on Friday. I should have spent the day resting and recuperating but I am daft. Colds suck. And as Thursday draws to a close, Sam starts to go down hill as well, brewing a fever and falling asleep at 6pm in Mark’s arms on the sofa. Darn.


Friday March 11:

We had another rubbish night’s sleep with both Sam and I alternating sweating out fevers and getting up to drink water. There’s nothing worse than a feverish, sweaty sleep! Yuck! When Sam awoke in the morning, he was still running a temperature so I chose to keep him at home with me while I worked. I’m not sure if Sam has a cold too or if he may be brewing a case of the Chicken Pox as it has been going around his preschool and Ella’s primary school lately. I kind of hope it is the Chicken Pox because I would really like to get it over with. Ella happily floated off to school as Hermione Granger as we were celebrating World Book Day one week later than the rest of the country. “WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!”

As Sam was home with me, I worked until 1:30 and then Mark came home to stay with Sam while I went to Ella’s school for Embrace Happy. I rocketed out of their school just before 3pm and raced over to the private hospital where I was to have my follow-up appointment with my orthopaedic consultant. On discussion with my consultant, both knees are rubbish (technical medical diagnosis) and need full knee replacements. The consultant basically flipped a coin and chose the left knee to start with. I am now on an 18 week pathway with the NHS to have my full knee replacement. My consultant is confident that by the end of 2016, all things going well and ahead of schedule, I should have 2 new knees! Quite a daunting prospect but hopefully the new lease of life my knees desperately need. And for this I am eternally grateful for the NHS.


Saturday March 12:

Another busy day for Ella meant that there was a lot of running around on the day! We took Ella to her morning dance lessons and then Mark, Sam and I adventured off to a local 2nd hand auto trader as we’re looking for a new family/work vehicle. We spent a couple of hours checking out 2 different trucks and got neither but at least have an idea of what’s out there. The clock is ticking however so Mark needs to make a decision soon. We collected Ella from a friend’s house and then retreated home for a short while and then Ella had a classmate’s birthday party to attend at a local soft play centre. Our evening was a quiet one, thankfully, watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. We are a rock star family, clearly.

Sunday March 13:

We’re all finally feeling a teeny bit better but need to spend some time at home today doing jobs and putting things back in order. I hope your Sunday is bright and beautiful!


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