In the trees at Burghley House

Last week was our first week of our two and a bit week Easter/Spring Break. We have had such a lovely time, the three of us! As I mentioned in my last post, squeezing in my work is challenging but as I type this, I am sitting at my workspace which looks out onto the garden, the back doors are open and Ella and Sam are playing outside. They are giggling and running around after each other. Memory book sort of moments really!


Last week we popped over to one of our favourite outdoor destinations, Burghley House. We were meeting up with our friends, the Green family, but we arrived before them and were able to squeeze in a bit of time to ourselves playing on the climbing logs and trees between the Garden of Surprises entrance and the main house. I’m practising my photography and video skills for an e-course I am taking (which will also help me to create some awesome videos for my work) and am pretty pleased with the video below. I am loving capturing these rather every day moments. Have a look at my video and if you are so inclined, visit my Vimeo channel to see the other videos I have made so far.

Have you been making videos for your own family Time Capsule! Let’s follow each other on Vimeo!

In the trees at Burghley House from Karin Joyce on Vimeo.

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