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Happiness Haven

Around 18 months ago, Mark and I (well, mostly Mark with the hard labour) began planning for and creating a lovely garden. When I first arrived here 10 years ago, Mark had already established a really beautiful, quaint, very English back garden. 5 years ago our back garden began to change into a far more… Continue reading Happiness Haven

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Cherry Good Fun!

Last week, Sammy and I joined our lovely friends Sabina and her boys for a final "Besties Day Out" for this School Year. We piled into Sabina's car, programmed the sat nav and hit the road for Q Gardens in Oxfordshire (not Kew Gardens mind you!). After a few minor altercations from the boys, we… Continue reading Cherry Good Fun!

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Embracing Happy with Experience Kissimmee

Did you ever hear about a place and you just knew it was your idyllic "Happy Place"? I've had this a few times in my life, one of which was Castaway Malfini on the gorgeous Labadee, Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Pennyhill Park Hotel and… Continue reading Embracing Happy with Experience Kissimmee

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Happy Feet in Hotter Shoes #StyleWithASmile

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event at our local Hotter Shoes store to learn more about their #PerfectPair campaign and check out their gorgeous range of shoes. Being a girl, I am most definitely partial to fabulous shoes but being a Mum has changed my tastes a bit. I… Continue reading Happy Feet in Hotter Shoes #StyleWithASmile

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10 Happy Memories- My Gram

Friday, 24 April, my Gram passed away at the grand old age of 89. How amazing to live so long! My Grandpa died in 2008 and my Gram soldiered on alone, after 64 years with the love of her life. The last 15 years had not been the easiest or kindest for my Grandparents. My… Continue reading 10 Happy Memories- My Gram

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10 Random Things- February

The end of February is nearly upon us. This has been a hard week for me. I have a feeling that everyone thinks that because I run Embrace Happy, that my life is all sunshine and light. It most certainly is not but what I do is CHOOSE to focus on what sunshine and light… Continue reading 10 Random Things- February

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40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Two

Yesterday I experienced some site difficulties. Someone was able to hack into Embrace Happy! My only hope is that they are now thoroughly happy but I kind of doubt it! At any rate, if you were unable to access Embrace Happy yesterday, I do apologise (watches tumbleweeds blow by). We should be back at full-strength… Continue reading 40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Two

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Send some Happy Mail

This week, being the first week of February, I have been gradually sending out Happy Mail cards to the 40 people who signed up for the Happy Mail programme. We have UK residents, a participant from Spain, South Africa, Canada and several from the United States. It's awesome! I am writing out their cards by… Continue reading Send some Happy Mail

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The Green Gables- Happy Paper Club

The internet is an amazingly wonderful place sometimes! It brings people together who would never have found each other otherwise. About a month ago, a fellow blogging friend alerted me to The Green Gables as one of the featured products was all about "Happy Post". Genius! Gabrielle Treanor, the creative genius behind The Green Gables… Continue reading The Green Gables- Happy Paper Club