Embrace Happy Savouring Our Summer

As parents we want to be everything to and for our children, don’t we? We want to fill their lives with fun and love. We want them to be able to look back fondly on their childhood as one that was filled with laughter, adventures and happiness. But the reality is…that’s pretty flippin’ challenging! Modern parenting means juggling work, family time and Me time. Balance is not as easy at it sounds, especially when our children are younger and physically need us more. We have to realise and appreciate that we can’t be and do everything!

As much as we want to be SUPER PARENTS, it’s HARD! So, what about a little help? What about some guidance that could help you to plan and prepare for your Summer holiday? Instead of the Summer Holiday becoming something to loathe and dread, it instead becomes a Summer to savour? I want to help you fill your 6 weeks of Summer Holiday with memories and giggles; independence and teamwork; captured smiles and new challenges.

The Summer Holidays in the UK begin at the end of July with usually, 6-7 weeks of holiday to fill. Most parents will not be able to take off 6 weeks with their children but with the help of child care, family support and, if you’re lucky, a week or two of proper holiday time, those 6 weeks will fly by. Don’t miss out on precious moments however! Take some time now to plan to SAVOUR your Summer instead of counting down to the first day of school.

In my “Savour our Summer” plan, I have a weekly countdown, daily photo challenges, themes to give a focus to your weeks, parent inspiration, child inspiration, ideas for Me Time, Rainy Day games, links for resources and helpful sites, videos and more! Because I want all families to benefit from a bit of support, the Savour our Summer programme is FREE! I’d love you to share it far and wide so that as many families as possible can benefit from it.

Are you ready to Savour our Summer? I’m excited to help you on this journey. Rest assured, we will be following the plan in our house too!

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