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What happiness means to me

I started Embrace Happy after spending about two months doing the 3 Good Things challenge. I was sharing my #3goodthings every day through my social media channels and a few people became interested in what I was doing. A few people started joining in with #3goodthings as well. This made me happy. I realised that… Continue reading What happiness means to me

10 Random Things, Daily Inspiration

10 Random Things

Yesterday, while wasting time perusing the internet, I saw a link from a blogger friend of mine. Alison at Five Go Blogging lives near to me and is a very crafty lady. She wrote a post entitled 10 Random Things to get a bit of a peek into the workings of her creative brain. I… Continue reading 10 Random Things

Daily Inspiration

Happiness is a journey

I am a wife to an amazingly patient man and a mum to two wonderful children. When my son, Sam, was about 3 months old, I realised that the contstant black hole that I was in was not just "baby blues" but instead was the onset of Post-Natal Depression. I was not coping well at… Continue reading Happiness is a journey