40 #embracehappy Acts, Daily Inspiration

40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Three to Day Six

How are you doing on your #embracehappy adventure this Lent? As I am not giving anything up, per se, I am doing pretty well! I very much like the idea of focusing on giving and reaching out versus giving something up. It's certainly a more positive approach to changing habits and improving yourself! We started… Continue reading 40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Three to Day Six

40 #embracehappy Acts, Daily Inspiration, Sharing Happy

40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Two

Yesterday I experienced some site difficulties. Someone was able to hack into Embrace Happy! My only hope is that they are now thoroughly happy but I kind of doubt it! At any rate, if you were unable to access Embrace Happy yesterday, I do apologise (watches tumbleweeds blow by). We should be back at full-strength… Continue reading 40 #embracehappy Acts- Day Two