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Embrace Happy at BritMums Live

Earlier this year, in one of my "Make It Happen" moments, I pitched an idea to BritMums for a fun Embrace Happy session at BritMums Live this Summer. There are so many wonderful blogging sessions that go on at the UK's largest parent & lifestyle blogging conference that I wanted to offer something that was… Continue reading Embrace Happy at BritMums Live

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Happiness Challenges-January

Every day, on our Embrace Happy Facebook group, I start the day with a challenge. The members are welcome to join in publicly or privately in their own journals/notebooks or not at all! I'm not big on "YOU MUST DO" when it comes to embracing happy. Do or Do Not...the choice is entirely up to… Continue reading Happiness Challenges-January

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Share the love

Hello Lovelies! Today dawned and as I struggled to drag myself out of bed, I was reminded that today is Thursday which means that we are two days closer to the weekend. Weekends are my favourite! Shared parenting, happy family time and a different pace to life. I had a really lovely day yesterday and… Continue reading Share the love

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What happiness means to me

I started Embrace Happy after spending about two months doing the 3 Good Things challenge. I was sharing my #3goodthings every day through my social media channels and a few people became interested in what I was doing. A few people started joining in with #3goodthings as well. This made me happy. I realised that… Continue reading What happiness means to me

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Happiness Smoothies

We all are looking for easy, nutrious ways of fueling our children. Of course, you can pick up the nearest Innocent Smoothie (which I do love) but there's a cost involved. I've been motivated lately to make our own smoothies. I like to call them Happiness Smoothies because they are chock-a-block with gorgeous fruit filled… Continue reading Happiness Smoothies

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This past weekend I saw a status on Facebook from a company that I follow. They were re-posting a video created by a Dad who had videoed snippets from every Saturday morning with his daughter for several months. In the shots you see half of the Dad's face as he's sitting at his computer while… Continue reading Appreciation

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Happiness is a journey

I am a wife to an amazingly patient man and a mum to two wonderful children. When my son, Sam, was about 3 months old, I realised that the contstant black hole that I was in was not just "baby blues" but instead was the onset of Post-Natal Depression. I was not coping well at… Continue reading Happiness is a journey

Daily Inspiration

Bake It Forward

You know the old challenge to "Pay it forward"? Where one good turn deserves/begets another? Well, I am going to challenge you to Bake It Forward. That's right...BAKE! A few weeks ago, inspired by a Lenten challenge, I made some treats to share with the Mums on the school playground. I didn't exactly BAKE as… Continue reading Bake It Forward