January 2016

January 23, 2016

Some days are just a lovely level of happiness. I find, on days like this, that I am able to deal with everything so much better. Nothing splendiforous is happening; it's just a normal day but with a happy smile throughout the whole of the day. I find I have the perfect amount of patience… Continue reading January 23, 2016

Daily Inspiration

27 Things I Have Learned

Last month I read a post by someone who is a real creative inspiration for me. Chantelle, aka Fat Mum Slim, is a creative wunderkind. She created the exceptionally popular Photo-a-Day challenge that so many people have copied and made their own. And she's just a really REAL blogger. She shares her worries, her weaknesses… Continue reading 27 Things I Have Learned

Daily Inspiration

Ella & Sam #CelebrateBetter with Footy Fun!

The Summer holidays are in full swing now and we're not sitting by and watching it trickle away. Last week we got out and DID each day at some point and even braved a rather┬árainy Friday armed with rain gear, umbrellas and wellies and puddle jumped to our hearts content. I'm trying to steer Ella… Continue reading Ella & Sam #CelebrateBetter with Footy Fun!

Daily Inspiration

Making an effort

I've had this post rolling around in my head for the last two weeks, ironically. I wanted to share some ideas about making an effort with your life, your children, your partners, your work, your happiness. Yet I was struggling to make an effort to get the post written! Yes, I told you it was… Continue reading Making an effort

Sharing Happy

10 Happy Memories- My Gram

Friday, 24 April, my Gram passed away at the grand old age of 89. How amazing to live so long! My Grandpa died in 2008 and my Gram soldiered on alone, after 64 years with the love of her life. The last 15 years had not been the easiest or kindest for my Grandparents. My… Continue reading 10 Happy Memories- My Gram

Daily Inspiration

International Day of Happiness- How can you celebrate?

Tomorrow, Friday the 20th of March is International Day of Happiness! Besides putting a smile on your face and a skip in your step, how can you celebrate this lovely day? Well, I happen to have a few ideas for you. Some are BIG and some are small. Some involve stepping out of your comfort… Continue reading International Day of Happiness- How can you celebrate?

10 Random Things, Sharing Happy

10 Random Things- February

The end of February is nearly upon us. This has been a hard week for me. I have a feeling that everyone thinks that because I run Embrace Happy, that my life is all sunshine and light. It most certainly is not but what I do is CHOOSE to focus on what sunshine and light… Continue reading 10 Random Things- February

40 #embracehappy Acts, Daily Inspiration

40 #embracehappy Acts: Day Eight- Cut Out Complaining!

Could you Cut out Complaining for one WHOLE day? It's harder than you think. But hold on, don't dismiss the idea straightaway. There's actually a far more constructive way to complain and that's what I'm hoping you'll take on board. But let's set the scene for some fairly traditional complaining situations: You're having coffee or… Continue reading 40 #embracehappy Acts: Day Eight- Cut Out Complaining!

Daily Inspiration, Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday- Work

This week I have picked a somewhat odd theme for Flashback Friday. Work. A bit of a flyer really but I got to thinking that for most of us, Work has played a major part in our lives. So this week I am asking you to flashback to your working days. Maybe a FIRST day… Continue reading Flashback Friday- Work

3 Good Things, Daily Inspiration


The Advent season is full swing now. In fact, we're half-way to the BIG DAY which is starting to make be just a bit jumpy at the moment. I still need to sort out presents for family abroad, a few things for my husband and local family and the dreaded Teacher's gifts! But do you… Continue reading #25daysofembracehappy

Daily Inspiration

It’s time to smile

The world can be a challenging place can't it? We can get down, depressed, angry, grumpy, shouty and nasty. Footballers are biting each other, families are being stressed and torn apart, life is not fair sometimes. But then, there is beauty all around us. There is beauty in the quiet moments, there is beauty in… Continue reading It’s time to smile

Daily Inspiration

Happy Faces

Today I am celebrating my children. I have two amazing children and their faces light up our life and make us happier in return. Isn't it wonderful to see a child smiling? Or even better, to hear that giggle that only a baby or toddler can have? Have an extra good look at your little… Continue reading Happy Faces

Daily Inspiration

Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Today, on the Embrace Happy Facebook group, I challenged the members to do a random act of kindness. It could be anything for anyone or for no one! Maybe you know one of your neighbours is struggling with something? How about picking up a small bouquet of flowers or a plant and giving it to… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness Challenge

10 Random Things

10 Random Things- May

Ah, May! Summer, really. My home state in the US is only just starting to thaw yet we here in England have had two and a bit months of flowers, warm-ish air and sunshine to shake the dregs of winter off. I am currently sitting in our little muddle of a garden while Sammy plays.… Continue reading 10 Random Things- May

Daily Inspiration

My Happy Place

Over the weekend I challenged the members of the Embrace Happy Facebook Group to share their Happy Place in/around their homes. Of course, it's only fair that I share my Happy Place as well. I had a good think for a bit to figure it out. I have a very happy place which is a… Continue reading My Happy Place

Daily Inspiration

Best laid plans

The last week of our Easter/Spring Holiday didn't go according to plan. I'm rather grumpy when things don't go according to plan. The original plan was that Mark would be on holiday from Friday evening, 11 April through Monday 21 April. A much needed break from work and a chance to have fun as a… Continue reading Best laid plans

Daily Inspiration

Someday is not a day of the week

Last night I was perusing Facebook on the iPad, as one does at 11pm when one should be going to bed. I saw an app advertised on Facebook for Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow is an American show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System...where Sesame Street lives) hosted by LeVar Burton. He presents stories, others narrate them,… Continue reading Someday is not a day of the week

Daily Inspiration

Life moves pretty fast

One of my favourite quotes is from the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I'm a child of the 80's, what can I say? The quote goes like this: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. How very appropriate is this nugget of advice?… Continue reading Life moves pretty fast

Daily Inspiration

What makes your soul happy?

Yesterday I pinned a quote..."Take time to do what makes your soul happy". I love this. Take time. We don't do that much these days do we? We rarely seem to take time for ourselves, to focus on our partners, to fully appreciate and pay attention to our children. So maybe it's time, particularly on… Continue reading What makes your soul happy?

Embrace Happy Snail Mail

Embrace Happy Snail Mail- April

We all need a bit of sunshine in our day don't we? In the United Kingdom, some days that sunshine can be hard to come by! So why not spread the sunshine through the post? Technology has made our life far easier and faster however, we've lost the lovely art of doing things by hand.… Continue reading Embrace Happy Snail Mail- April

Daily Inspiration

The little things in life

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make it that much better. Sunshine, warm breezes, lighter evenings, school holidays, flowers blooming...Spring brings so much goodness and happiness that we all should feel loads better right about now! When you're little, things like warm breezes aren't that inspiring, However, ladybirds and ice cream… Continue reading The little things in life